Graduate uses experience to advocate for inclusivity and self-expression

June 28, 2024

Student stands on quad with graduation cords in a yellow dress with the Arnold Bernard Library in the background

Film, television and media arts graduate Reinett Chefu ’24, MS '25, devoted her time at Quinnipiac to advocating for self-expression, fostering a welcoming environment for international students and serving as a leader in the Bobcat community.

As Chefu completed her undergraduate education at Quinnipiac this past May, she left an undeniable impact on the community through her various leadership roles including president of the International Student Association (ISA), content curator and producer of the Quinnipiac University Podcast Studio, fellow of the Sawhney Leadership Program and assistant producer for the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Among the many clubs and organizations that Chefu served, she was certain to be an advocate for the student body.

“My most rewarding experiences have come from the moments when I played a role in creating and establishing things that other people believe in strongly,” said Chefu.

Of these experiences, Chefu played a role in the Quinnipiac Golden Mic Awards during her time working at Quinnipiac’s Podcast Studio. These awards aim to give student podcasters recognition and encourage them to explore new ways of self-expression.

As an international student herself as well as president of the International Student Association, Chefu drew upon her own experiences and became a steadfast advocate for creating a welcoming and supportive environment.

Through her leadership, the International Student Association has made substantial efforts to establish a support system and provide resources for students to feel at home on campus.

“I felt a responsibility to create a safe space for international students to share their experiences unfiltered,” said Chefu. “So this coming fall, the International Student Association will be working with a Hartford HealthCare counselor to provide a regular group session for current and incoming international students. This is something I am very proud and excited about.”

In addition, Chefu played a key role in supporting the International Student Association’s "Say My Name" movement which served as a means to spread inclusivity across campus.

“‘Say My Name’ served as a means for people to embrace their names, what they mean, where they come from and ultimately encourage them to ask their community to do the work in learning how to say them right,” said Chefu.

As an assistant producer in the Office of Marketing and Communications at Quinnipiac, Chefu had the opportunity to blend her academic knowledge and passion for production by uniting Bobcat Nation through fun and engaging content such as QKart Trivia. Chefu accredits this position for providing her a glimpse into the industry and helping her grow and learn as a producer.

“I got an unmistakable surety about what it is I could do for the rest of my life and never get bored — that is producing,” said Chefu. “Something that I will take with me on my professional and even personal journey is how creativity and efficiency, if mixed well, are key ingredients to making something great.”

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