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July 26, 2022

Greg Egan proposes to Rachel Wrinn on Mount Carmel campus

Greg Egan ’17 and Rachel Wrinn ’17, MAT ’18, initially made their way to Quinnipiac to further their educations and their athletic careers. In addition to prestigious degrees, they also scored life-long love.

Egan was a member of the men’s baseball team and Wrinn was a member of the women’s rugby team. The couple met in the Commons residence hall during their first year. Egan recalls wanting to make new friends, which eventually led him to meet Wrinn.

“The times I was not in class, at baseball, or hard at work, I would walk around the dorm and introduce myself to new people. Rachel was one of those people,” said Egan.

Wrinn credits Quinnipiac and its coaches for sparking their relationship.

“We were both recruited to play our respective sports and we wouldn’t have met without Quinnipiac. We were able to connect and support each other throughout our seasons. We both understood the time and commitment that came with being a student-athlete,” said Wrinn.

The pair found themselves both frequenting the athletic facilities and often saw each other around campus.

“Every time I would see her, I would make sure to stop and talk to her,” said Egan.

Over time, their occasional encounters became more frequent because of class they shared and eventually blossomed into a relationship.

“It wasn’t until her sophomore year that he really caught my eye,” said Wrinn. “I would think of a silly excuse to be in his group and find a reason to talk to him after class. ”

Wrinn liked how outgoing Egan was and enjoyed the humor that he brought to everyday life.

“[He] was a bit of a comedian and was always walking around doing something funny, such as pretending to play the guitar with a Swiffer or singing into a hairbrush,” she said.

Egan feels that Quinnipiac was the perfect setting to lay down the foundation for their future together.

“Quinnipiac provided an avenue for the two of us to get to know each other better. We both had common interests, being that we played sports,” said Egan. “Developing a relationship was easy because I was able to spend so much time with Rachel.”

Through their time at Quinnipiac, they were able to enjoy the simple moments of their hectic schedules.

“We liked to go to class and then to the upper cafe to eat M&M pancakes. It was the little things like that, that I’m thankful Quinnipiac had to offer us,” said Wrinn. “Being able to spend more time together and having little unplanned moments is what I’m thankful for.”

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