Honors Program raises money, feminine products to combat period poverty

April 05, 2021

Woman reaching for feminine products

Dorothy Watters ‘21, a double major in biology and English, is leading a Quinnipiac Honors Program initiative with The Diaper Bank of Connecticut to combat period poverty through May 5.

“During our efforts last year, we raised $7,640 in support of the Diaper Bank of Connecticut’s initiative to end diaper need,” she said. “These donations provided 382 families each with an emergency one-month supply of diapers. Our goal this year is to raise $2,800, which would provide 200 women with a one-month supply of period products,” said Watters.

Period products are not covered by government assistance programs.

“One in 8 women cannot afford these necessities; 1 in 5 women miss work or school due to lack of access to these health necessities; the Diaper Bank needs our support now more than ever due to the $167,000 cut facing their funding from the proposed Connecticut budget cut,” said Watters.

For families already struggling to pay for essential items like food, shelter and clothing, being able to set aside funds for feminine products in nearly impossible, she said.

“In addition to accepting monetary donations, there are also collection boxes around our Mount Carmel, York Hill and North Haven campuses, where members of the university community can donate unopened tampon and pad boxes,” Watters added.

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