Law graduate wields gavel of success

May 10, 2023

Gabrielle Anastasio

Gabrielle Anastasio, JD ’23, gained invaluable experience working in the university's general counsel office — while also helping to ensure a strong future for Quinnipiac.

As a law fellow, Anastasio reviewed policies regarding intellectual property and human resources and helped to create new policies and procedures for the university's leadership council.

“I knew I wanted to enter municipal governance in college, so I pursued a business degree,” Anastasio said. “I really leaned into the legal side of things, and my favorite undergrad course was business law. Quinnipiac offered a great course load that aligned with my career interests. Although my first year was completely remote, I could tell that the professors were very dedicated to each student and that was confirmation that I was in the right place.”

She credits her professors and mentors for helping guide her — and encourage her to lead her comfort zone.

“Some of my mentors have been Sheila Hayre, Shelley Sadin and Lauren McGregor," she said. "The impact that each of them has had on me has been profound. I credit most of my personal and professional development over the past three years to them.”

Anastasio was recognized with the distinguished academic achievement in managed healthcare award for her academic excellence.

She also volunteers for various area organizations, including Workplace Law Society, National Employment Lawyers Association and the Connecticut Bar Association Committee on Human Trafficking. 

She encourages first-year students to avoid competing with each other — but rather to aspire to do their best.

“I would say that it is important not to compare yourself to other students,” Anastasio said. “Be mindful that your career advisers will become your best friends. Also, work hard but don’t over-study. I promise you don’t need to be in the library until it closes every night. Take care of your body — exercise, drink water, sleep, eat and clean. You will end up burned out if you don’t. Graduate students tend to champion who is the busiest, who is the most stressed and who is studying the most hours. I promise you don’t want to be any of the three; be the most balanced. You are equipped with everything that you need to succeed.”

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