Minding your mind with Jordan Burnham

October 01, 2019

Photograph of Jordan Burnham

When Jordan Burnham, a popular high school senior who seemingly had it all, woke up in the hospital surrounded by family and friends, he knew two things: that he had jumped out of a ninth-story window in a suicide attempt and that he had to share his story to help others find hope.

Twelve years later, Burnham has become a nationally recognized mental health advocate who travels around the country sharing his journey of physical, mental and emotional healing to help others find hope in their struggle. He promotes the importance of open conversation and works to change the stigma around mental health.

In 2013, he was invited by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to speak at the White House for the National Conference on Mental Health. Recently, he was interviewed by journalist Anderson Cooper for the CNN special “Finding Hope: Battling America’s Suicide Crisis,” Burnham has been profiled in Sports Illustrated, People Magazine and USA Today, and has appeared on has appeared on ESPN’s E:60 and Outside the Lines.

All students, staff and faculty are invited to attend “Minding Your Mind with Jordan Burnham” presented by The Counseling Department and the Quinnipiac Women’s Ice Hockey Team on October 3 from 7 to 8 p.m. at Burt Kahn Court on the Mount Carmel Campus, and on October 4 from 10 to 11 a.m. in MNH-101 on the North Haven Campus.

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