Quinnipiac alumni prepared to cover the Olympics

July 01, 2024

Clever Streich takes a selfie with the Paris 2024 logo

From earning a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies to studying sports journalism and completing an internship at NBC News that turned into a full-time position, Clever Streich ’23, MS ’24, has navigated his way to his first Olympics coverage as a production assistant for the 2024 Olympics Games.

Streich is eager to help producers, on-air talent and tech crew in Stamford, Connecticut, by preparing graphics and footage for the Olympics Games.

“I’m excited to work with world-class, behind-the-scenes leaders and connect with other production assistants who are also experiencing their first Olympics,” said Streich. “This is my first games behind the scenes, but I have been a fan of NBC’s coverage of the games ever since I was 6 during Beijing 2008.”

Streich described the immense scope and scale it takes to cover the global event.

“During the games, NBC’s Stamford headquarters becomes a 24/7 production hub for more than 2,000 daily workers, including talent, production, engineers, researchers, editors, caterers and support staff,” Streich said. “Paris 2024 will also set a new NBC coverage record, with more than 5,000 hours of coverage across linear, cable and Peacock! Just like an Olympic marathon, there’s no stopping during the games, a three-week project to pull off the most complex show in sports TV.”

After earning this rare opportunity, Streich reflects on other events he has covered for Quinnipiac. He also credits his experiences at QBSN and Q30 Television.

“I wouldn’t be here without the experiences and people I’ve worked with in student media,” said Streich. “I learned how to produce television and work with a team at Q30, where I served as a producer of Sports Paws for three years, covering all 21 Division I teams on campus. At QBSN, I had the opportunity to tell stories through play-by-play and color commentary as I served on the club’s e-board as a broadcast manager. Through my time in Quinnipiac student media, I took away valuable lessons and ‘reps’ in storytelling, journalism, and leadership that I use every day at NBC.”

After Streich graduated and has moved onto his full-time job at NBC, he attributes the fact that he will always and forever be a Bobcat by reminding himself of his roots everyday at work.

“At my desk at NBC, I made a print-out to remind me of my journey to the games that says 'remember where you were, remember where you’re going.' At the top is the Q30 media suite set along with M&T Bank Arena, where I called Quinnipiac hockey for four years. At the bottom is the Stamford NBC headquarters and the NBC logo for the Paris games. I’m so excited to see where life takes me personally and professionally this summer with the Olympics, and I’ll be sure to remember the place that got me ready for this moment!”

Streich feels honored to cover the Olympics, he said..

“During the Olympics, so many viewers are watching to cheer on Team USA to the podium, so I believe the broadcasts will be a unifying and uplifting experience," he said. "I’m also looking forward to the breathtaking opening ceremony, where the world’s best athletes will enter the River Seine in boats in front of 350,000 spectators. It should be iconic and unforgettable!”

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