President Olian reacts to violence at U.S. Capitol

January 07, 2021

Aerial view of the Mount Carmel Campus quad and library

"Yesterday was a dark day at the U.S. Capitol, reminding us of the fragility of our democratic system, that enlightened citizenry is a privilege and obligation of each and every one of us.

As someone who grew up outside the United States and viewed America as the democratic ideal, seeing the Capitol violated was, frankly, horrifying. What happened overnight reminds us that these democratic ideals — while they might be threatened — will never be moved.

The bedrock of our republic is the will of the people. I do believe that in the days and months ahead, we will come together to heal our divisions, exercise the value of civil discourse, respect our diversity of worldview, demonstrate equal treatment, and cherish the rich fabric of this country and the union that binds us."

— President Judy Olian

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