8 new things you need to know for the spring

January 12, 2021

Students walk under a banner reading "Protect Yourself and Others" in the snow.

Quinnipiac has unveiled a series of new initiatives and enhancements to keep the university community safe.

Check out a rundown of what you can expect when you return for the Spring semester:

1. Dedicated RNs for students in isolation and quarantine

QU has partnered with UST Global, a health care service and technology company, to provide a dedicated team of registered nurses who will support any student who tests positive for COVID, or who is asked to quarantine due to possible exposure. RNs will make daily phone calls to students, perform contact tracing and support other services for QU Student Health Services. UST Global is being used by other colleges in Connecticut as well as by Fortune 500 companies, such as Microsoft and Salesforce.

2. Increasing student responsibility for on-campus testing

We heard your feedback about increasing students’ personal accountability in following our health protocols — and enforcing consequences for those who do not comply. This spring, there is no grace period for missing testing appointments. If a student misses their assigned on-campus COVID-19 testing appointment, they will be denied access to all university facilities, activities and in-person classes, and residential students will have 48 hours to get their own test, or else they will be removed from their QU-owned housing. Regular testing is the No. 1 way we protect the Bobcat Bubble — and each other’s health.

3. University-wide campus arrival “containment” period

We will begin the semester with a university-wide campus arrival “containment” period. This period will extend from the time a student returns to their on- or off-campus housing until the start of in-person classes on Feb. 1. We reviewed state and CDC guidelines and determined this approach, coupled with our on-campus COVID testing, is the best way to minimize community spread as students return.
Learn more and read recent email communications

4. “Healthy Bobcats Tip Line” to report COVID policy infractions

We have set up a tip line where students, faculty and staff can report possible health and safety policy violations. All submissions will be kept confidential, but anonymous tips will not be accepted so we can follow up on and validate information provided. We all have personal responsibility for our own behavior, yet because of the collective impact of the virus, we also share a proactive role in supporting — and enforcing — our COVID policies among our peers.

Healthy Bobcats Tip Line: 203-582-4333 / COVID19SupportCenter@qu.edu

5. One-time log-in for the mobile symptom checker app – and you’re done!

No more signing in with your QU credentials each time you use the mobile symptom checking app. The app has been updated so that after signing in the first time, you’re in for the rest of the semester. Use the app daily to log your health status, note any COVID-related symptoms and “check in” to note whether or not you’re on campus. Using the app daily is one of the best preventive measures we have to detect the presence of COVID early.
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6. More ways to engage and stay active on campus

A committee of students and staff spent the last month devising creative, fun ways we can safely stay engaged with each other throughout the semester. We don’t want to spill all the beans, but activities will include a Super Bowl watch event, St. Patrick’s Day celebration, snowmen building contests, Winter Warrior Dash and QU’s first-ever “Bobcat Day.”

7. Self-care days for students

It’s important we support the physical and mental well-being of our QU community. Even though we will not have a traditional spring break, we will offer several self-care days throughout the spring semester during which classes will not be held. Self-care days will be held March 9 and April 21, and May 3 will be a study day with no classes in preparation for finals.

8. Enhanced university communications

We know we sent A LOT of communications during the fall. While the nature of COVID will require we continue to communicate frequently, we have made several enhancements we hope will make it easier to cut through the clutter:

  • The Key 3 – we’ll call out the 3 most important actions or pieces of information you need at the top of every email, before you even have to start scrolling on your phone.
  • COVID Dashboard – we are enhancing the design and information provided on our COVID dashboard

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