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Build connections through natural art

November 20, 2020

A man creates a piece of art outside on the ground using things found in nature

During this unprecedented time, it’s easy to feel lonely and isolated – but it’s important to reflect on our connections and reframe our habits. Join us for “Create Art Outside in and with Nature!” on Saturday, December 5, 1 – 3 p.m. over Zoom. This is a great event to do with a family unit or on your own.

“Many of us are feeling stressed, anxious, worried and isolated – it’s like a roller coaster of ups and downs,” said Tami Reilly, director of fitness and wellbeing. “This event is a way to be present; to connect with nature and to look at mindfulness from a different perspective; to be in nature; and create with what is around us and to be preset in the moment can all help in our search for a little relief right now.”

The creative workshop, led by artist Day Schildkret, will allow participants to meditate and contemplate individually or bring up meaningful conversation with their group. Participants will connect with nature and the area around them as they seek elements in their environment to create meaningful, impermanent works of art.

“I am always looking at different ways to deliver more mindfulness to our community. I came upon Day’s work and instantly I knew it would wanted to bring Morning Altars to our campus as we are surrounded in nature and certainly in need of more ways to feel connected these days,” said Reilly. “Day’s work as an artist is truly inspiring and I hope our community explores his work and continues to find ways to implement his teachings long after the event.”

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