Grad school application tips

March 15, 2020

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Now that you are ready to apply to graduate school, your focus should turn to submitting an application that helps you get admitted. Your application is your chance to showcase why you want to pursue your degree and provide insight into why you chose to apply to that school.

Your personal statement, letters of recommendations, and resume convey details about your personality, goals and desire to continue your education.

The articles below will assist you in creating a comprehensive graduate application that will impress.

Your personal statement is an opportunity demonstrate your writing ability, enthusiasm for the program, career goals and authenticity.

Letters of recommendation provide the admissions committee with insight into your professional capabilities. Your references should highlight specific achievements and contributions that illustrate your potential contributions to the graduate program.

A resume developed specifically for your graduate school application is a critical piece of your application. Tailor your resume to the program you are applying by highlighting accomplishments and activities that demonstrate your focus and desire.

You may be required to submit other information with your graduate application like transcripts, exam scores or a portfolio. Check with your admissions representative or the program website to be sure of the admission details.

By following these grad school application tips, you will begin to put together an impressive application.

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