University helps graduate transform dream into reality

May 05, 2024

Morgan Murray softly smiles wearing a white dress and navy graduation gown.

Morgan Murray ’23, MBA ’24, transformed her marketing dreams into reality at Quinnipiac by leveraging her dedication, skills and resources provided by her classes and mentors.

During her first year at the university, Murray made a legacy for herself by utilizing her marketing skills and developing a strong foundation on top of which she would ultimately build her Quinnipiac experience. She also developed a strong network of friendships from throuhgout #BobcatNation.

“I would not have been able to get through these last four years without their incredible support and wouldn’t trade my experience or memories for the world,” said Murray.

Grace Port Vliet ’23, MBA ’24, said she and Murray became best friends early on in their Quinnipiac journeys.

“One of my favorite experiences with Morgan has been working alongside her at GAME Forum as public relations co-chairs,” said Port Vliet. “She has an incredible work ethic and an extremely creative mind, and celebrating our success in New York City at GAME Forum for two years in a row is an unforgettable memory. I am honored to know Morgan as a colleague, classmate and friend.”

Murray was an active participant in GAME Forum, the biggest student-run financial conference in the world.

“I worked on creating social media posts, outreach and several other tasks in preparation for the conference to ensure the event ran smoothly. Some of the best parts of GAME are the networking opportunities. I met students from all over the world, professionals in the finance industry and even talked to Quinnipiac students who I didn’t have the chance to speak with on a normal basis.”

Her devotion to perfecting her marketing capabilities shined in her internship at Columbia Bank. She worked alongside the marketing team which allowed her to develop her communication and time-management skills.

Not only has Murray demonstrated her excellent marketing skills at GAME Forum and her past work experiences, but has also built her expertise by working in the Office of Marketing Communications at Quinnipiac. Her two mentors, David Sotolotto, director of media strategy and analytics, and Kelsey Miller, digital marketing specialist, helped her become the marketing professional that she has become.

“My experience at MarCom wouldn’t have been the same without the people, the bond that I formed with the other student workers and everyone who worked at MarCom is something I wouldn’t trade for the world,” said Murray. “I loved walking in and knowing no matter what day of the week it was or who was working I would have an incredible support system ready to turn my day around, make me laugh til I had tears running down my face, or tell me the craziest story I had ever heard.”

Miller recollects her favorite memories of Murray such as getting lunch together and attending department functions.

“We already know how talented and motivated she is in the office, but these have been opportunities to see how these qualities translate outside of MarCom and get to know her on a more personal level. She’s funny, cheerful and deeply involved around campus, and it’s been great to see those sides of her,” said Miller.

As for Sotolotto, he mentioned how much he has seen her confidence grow throughout the two years of Murray working in the office and how far she has come in her career.

“She has always been a hard worker and a great student, but watching her transition those skills to real-world applications has been nothing short of impressive,” said Sotolotto. “She knows how to ask the right questions to really drill down into the purpose of a project and she then uses those answers to produce strong outputs. It’s a transferrable skill that is going to really benefit her as she begins her career after Quinnipiac.”

After four years of attending Quinnipiac, Murray values the time spent among friends, faculty and colleagues. As a new generation begins their start at the university, she encourages first-year students to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

“Coming into college I was extremely reserved, I knew what I liked to do and what I was good at but I was afraid to test the limits. My friends here at Quinnipiac have challenged me to go outside of my comfort zone, by having uncomfortable conversations and doing things I wouldn’t have done on my own. I am so grateful that I have been pushed and pushed myself to do things that I normally wouldn’t such as something so small as trying a new food.”

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