Kick off Valentine's Day with a self-love workshop

February 01, 2022

Tami Reilly instructing yoga group on sleeping giant

Valentine’s Day is all about love — including loving one’s self.  This Tuesday, February 1, the whole Quinnipiac community is invited to start the February right with a guided Zoom self-love meditation. 

The event, which will be held from noon to 12:45 p.m., where Tami Reilly, director of fitness and well being, and Terri Johnson, associate vice president of operations, will guide participants on breathing, stretching and meditation techniques. 

“Prioritizing ourselves is something that we all need to work on,” said Reilly. “We are all feeling extra drained these days and that feeling can be overwhelming. Spending a few minutes on ourselves is a great way to calm the body, sooth the nervous system and reset so we can tackle whatever comes our way with more focus and patience.”  

Participants do not need to prepare for the Zoom besides finding a quiet, open space. 

Once the meditation is over, participants should expect to feel calmer in the mind, body and soul, Reilly said.

“We are hoping that this month of Valentine’s Day, we get people to truly show some love to themselves, and we love bringing our diverse community together,” said Reilly. “It is high time we had a love-in! Really make this practice and program all about YOU – you deserve it!”

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