Physical therapy doctoral student works diligently to keep community healthy

October 20, 2020

Nicole Mawhirter, Doctorate of Physical Therapy ’22

Promoting a healthy, safe environment between the Mount Carmel, North Haven, and York Hill campuses during COVID-19 is crucial in keeping the university community safe.

Students from throughout the university community have come together as peer health ambassadors to engage and motivate each other to follow CDC and university COVID-19 guidelines.

“As a graduate physical therapy student and future health care provider, I am passionate about promoting healthy living and encouraging others to take steps to protect our community from COVID-19,” said Peer Health Ambassador Nicole Mawhirter, '19, DPT ’22.

While peer health ambassadors are focused on the health and safety of members of those at Quinnipiac, the group is also conscious of exercising precaution in the surrounding, off-campus communities.

“It is so imperative to give the communities outside our campuses the same respect and caution that we exercise within our own bubble,” Mawhirter said.

In a world where creating distance between one another and self-isolating has become common place, the group is also conscious of the effects of COVID-19 on mental health.

“It is so important to be kind, encourage others to practice healthy habits, and check in with our friends, peers and loved ones to make sure that no one is navigating these uncertain times alone,” Mawhirter said.

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