President and provost’s message to the university community on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

By President Judy Olian and Provost Debra Liebowitz February 25, 2022

The Ukraine flag flies in front of a clear blue sky

The Russian invasion of Ukraine threatens lives, the rule of a democratically elected government, and the geopolitical stability of Europe. This act of aggression is tragic for those impacted, and may have significant, long-term global consequences. It is also personally very upsetting.

We are planning a teach-in session on Tuesday to address the ethical, political, security, and economic context of this evolving crisis and its consequences. This event is cosponsored by the new Provost’s Series on Faculty Scholarship and Engagement, and the Albert Schweitzer Institute.

Please join an expert panel of faculty for this important discussion on Tuesday, March 1, at 6 p.m. in Echlin 101.

We know that this conflict can also be especially worrisome for those who have friends, family or loved ones living in Ukraine or potential conflict zones, and for those serving in the military. The university has support services available to help. Employees can access the EAP program (call 866-799-2728), and students are encouraged to contact campus counseling services (call 203-582-8680).

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