Standing with Ukraine – how to help

President Judy Olian and Provost Debra Liebowitz March 21, 2022

Mohammad Elahee speaks on the Ukrainian conflict

These past several weeks, like so many of you, we’ve been watching with increasing horror, anger and sadness as the innocent people of Ukraine have been attacked by Russian President Vladimir Putin, unprovoked and against the principles of sovereignty and individuals’ human rights. Europe is now experiencing the largest refugee crisis since World War II, with over 3 million Ukrainians fleeing their homeland in search of safety.

We’ve spoken with many across our university community about this global crisis, and time and again the same question is asked: “What can I do to help?” It’s hard to know how to engage, and what type of support is most needed, as a war rages on over 7,000 miles away.

With the help of Quinnipiac’s Central European Institute, and with input from various international embassies, we have assembled an online resource center to help identify organizations both at home and abroad supporting relief efforts. As part of this process, we received clear feedback that donating goods is not preferred at this time because of the volume of goods already received, the logistics of transportation and high overseas shipping. We hope this information is a helpful resource for our community.

Ukraine Resource Center

Standing in solidarity with Ukraine

As an institution committed to learning and global citizenship, we will continue to leverage our academic resources and our voices to bring attention to the historic societal, economic and political ramifications of this conflict, and its tragic human impact on so many.

We’re planning additional teach-in sessions on campus, and our faculty experts will continue to appear on media outlets to address the many dimensions of the war. In addition, we’re exploring future service opportunities for our students, faculty and staff to support relief efforts here in our local communities.

We are most grateful to Father Jordan Lenaghan and Father Joachim Kenney, who just returned from Poland after spending 10 days assisting with on-the-ground relief efforts. They will share their experiences and discuss the wide range of humanitarian needs in an upcoming, university-wide event.

As a reminder, the university has support services available to help members of our QU community who have been impacted by this evolving crisis. Employees can access the EAP program at 866-799-2728, and students are encouraged to contact campus counseling services at 203-582-8680.

We hope each of us finds our own way to help those in need, to support the principles of democratically elected governments, and to show the human kindness, love and compassion and willingness to promote justice that is so desperately needed during times like this.

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