Professor generates the spark that ignites fires of learning

October 15, 2018

Headshot of Lynn Byers

Professor Lynn Byers serves her students with the same fervor as she served her country for more than a decade.

The professor of mechanical engineering is a beacon for innovation. Her students find inspiration in her love of and commitment to her profession and her learning outcomes.

She will be recognized for her efforts with the university's Center for Excellence in Teaching award on October 18.

"Quinnipiac places such importance on teaching,” she said. “I also think that there is a great sense of community here — among the staff, faculty and students," said Byers. "It is a privilege to work with the amazing people in the School of Engineering and at Quinnipiac University in general."

Her colleague, Grant Crawford, looks to the United States Military Academy graduate as a source of insight and collegiality.

"Her classes are constantly characterized by innovative instructional design, ingenious use of physical models and demonstrations, high-quality laboratory experiences, masterful delivery of instruction, a consistent orientation toward professional practice, over-the-top enthusiasm, and an endearing, offbeat sense of humor,” he said.

Byers is known around the Quinnipiac community as an outstanding professor who strives to improve areas where there is little room for improvement.

"The students find Lynn to be an exemplary instructor who invests significant effort into their education," said Crawford. "She challenges them; she forces them to think deeply about course concepts, about the broader, non-technical aspects of engineering, and about their roles as future professionals."

Byers’ dedication to her students does not go unnoticed and her praise to her coworkers and students is immense.

"It’s a tremendous honor, and I’m very thankful to work with the staff and faculty in the School of Engineering who have the same student-focused priority on teaching," said Byers.

"It is all aimed at transforming her students from casual observers into active engineering professionals who are ready to fulfill the demands and needs of an increasingly connected global community," said Crawford.

Mechanical engineering major, Benjamin Hagan ‘18, stressed that Byers goes above and beyond for her students

"Professor Byers served her country for over a decade and now she continues to serve her students in the most helpful and professional way," he said.

Students who have had Byers say she always goes the extra mile to make sure they are successful.

"She is one of the most intelligent people I know, yet she never got frustrated with me, she was always patient and understanding," said recent graduate Timothy Clifton. "She does not need the recognition of the institution in order to do the right things as a teacher, as a mentor, or as a person."

Her work builds the foundations on which students build their success.

"Her passion for teaching generates the spark that ignites fires of learning in her students," said Professor John Reap. "Lynn Byers earned my vote for the Center for Excellence in Teaching Award long ago."

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