Public service fellow expands his impact, leadership skills during second year as fellow

June 11, 2024

Ryan Hagerman stands outside of the Hamden mayor's office

Returning for his second year as a Presidential Public Service Fellow, Ryan Hagerman ’25 has found real-world connections inside and outside the classroom.

In his second year as a fellow, Hagerman has had the opportunity to build upon his education while being a part of a program that lets him help other people find success.

Part of his reason for returning to the program this summer was from the opportunities he found last summer. Wanting to serve the Hamden community and create real change, Hagerman found a passion for helping people. From service requests to town-wide policy proposals, he learned about the different ways he could not only impact individuals, but the town itself.

As a senior fellow in the Hamden Mayor’s office, Hagerman has been learning the functions of executive operations of a municipality through the office while working with different departments throughout the town. Learning all about the different functions and roles the municipality serves has built a bridge between his education as a political science major and real-world experience in a government office.

While serving the community, Hagerman has been able to experience the different events and places Hamden has to offer Quinnipiac students. Some of these include Brooksvale Park, located near the border of Hamden and Cheshire, and Town Center Park. Each offers their own unique experiences for students and residents.

During his time as a fellow, Hagerman has been able to experience the program through a new view the second time around. The program has helped him better understand what he wants to do after commencement and the different roles and players in public service.

Much of the experience has tied into what Hagerman has felt he has been involved in and learning about.

“I’ve been on the path of service and advocacy for as long as I can remember," said Hagerman. "This program has allowed me to experience the many different players involved in public service, and has helped me make meaningful connections across the Hamden community and state of Connecticut."

Hagerman said that he feels that this time around, he is not only able to learn more and build upon what he learned last year, but also to guide and support the 10 other fellows.

The program has bolstered Hagerman’s education from inside the classroom allowing him to make new connections while continuing to learn about the different aspects of public service and municipality.

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