Your Experience

From strategic messaging to behind-the-scenes access to the legislative process, the political system relies on the expertise of individuals who are committed to public service. We’ll prepare you for a career in government, journalism, law, the nonprofit sector or the corporate world.

You’ll learn how to analyze policy, put modern politics in a historical context and develop an understanding of foreign governments. You’ll also learn how to challenge the status quo and address complex issues in the public sphere, including systemic racism and social justice. Our program emphasizes hands-on learning, so you’ll experience politics through internships with congressional campaigns, lobbying firms and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to study in the nation’s capital with our Quinnipiac University in Washington, D.C. (QU in DC) program.

With access to Quinnipiac’s Albert Schweitzer Institute, you’ll attend programs and lectures featuring global leaders, including Nobel Peace laureates and former U.S. presidents. Some of our recent political science graduates work as political reporters in Washington, staff members for the U.S. Department of State in Afghanistan and Turkey, and staff members for local and state politicians.