Law student helps strengthen a community's well-being

November 27, 2017

Katie Covett JD ’18 posed with a law brochure.

Katie Covett JD ’18 is in her final year at the Quinnipiac University School of Law with a broader and clearer perspective of how she will one day serve her clients.

Covett, who worked as a student attorney at Harvard’s Federal Tax Clinic this summer, represented a dozen underserved taxpayers filing administrative appeals to the Internal Revenue Service and the United States Tax Court in the Boston area.

“My goal was to help clients maximize their financial well-being,” she said. “For some clients, this meant securing refunds and credits to which they are owed. For others, I negotiated with the IRS to find a compromise settlement that reduced a client’s tax liability.”

Through it all, Covett was able to develop the concepts she learned on our North Haven Campus — including writing responses to proposed IRS policy.
“One of my classes in the spring at Quinnipiac Law was administrative law — and this project directly related to that topic," she said

Covett is optimistic that the skills she developed working with clients and administrative agencies as well as learning how to most effectively navigate financial documents, terms and accounting procedures will prepare her well for her future.

“The motivating force behind my decision to attend law school was to help people,” she said. “As a lawyer, I will have the ability to try and correct the inequality that places certain people at a disadvantage from day one. Playing a part in this kind of social justice is something that I think we must all try to do as graduates of Quinnipiac Law.”

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