Quinnipiac professor teaches in Finland as visiting professor

September 20, 2023

Professor Alexander Laskin teaches a group of students at a university in Finland.

Alexander Laskin, PhD, a professor in public relations at Quinnipiac, is serving as a visiting professor at the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics in Finland this semester.

“They are among the best in Finland,” Laskin said. “What is unique about their program is it is housed in the business school instead of the communication school. So, it is a very different curriculum. While at Quinnipiac, strategic communication students share with film, journalism, and media studies, in Jyvaskyla strategic communication students share curriculum with management, marketing, and finance. Thus, they have very different preparation upon graduation.”

During his travels, Laskin is completing various research projects regarding negative engagement in financial communication. A joint-teaching project for next year at Quinnipiac is also in the works. Jyväskylä hopes to connect with the university to create opportunities for possible visiting or exchange students.

While Laskin is not a big fan of personal travel, he is serious about meeting the expectations for maintaining an international reputation in his field.

“In addition to all the teaching and research intentional goals, being a visiting professor allows for a lot of accidental learning,” said Laskin. “For example, as I attended the Jyväskylä university department meeting, I learned about the curriculum review process, and got many ideas for the Quinnipiac curriculum. I am also developing connections in the local country – I got invited to the Finnish Society of Investor Relations professionals next month to talk about best practices in investor relations. And of course, learning about other cultures and lives of people in different countries, helps me develop more nuanced understanding of the world.”

Laskin previously made connections with faculty of Jyväskylä University at academic conferences. Several faculty members contributed to his handbook of financial communication and investor relations, as well as giving contributions to his new handbook on strategic communication.

Although having never traveled to Finland, Laskin had developed an admiration for the strategic communication program at this school.

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