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Professor publishes new cookbook for college students

July 15, 2021

Professor Dana White posing on a picnic bench with food in the background

Dana Angelo White, a clinical associate professor of athletic training and sports medicine at Quinnipiac University, has published a new book, “Healthy, Quick & Easy College Cookbook.”

The book, published by DK/Penguin Random House, is subtitled, “100 delicious, budget-friendly recipes to satisfy your campus cravings.”

“Few things give me more joy than writing cookbooks, and this one is extra special,” White said.

“It is my ode to years and years and years of working with college students. From recipes to shopping tips to kitchen equipment to meal prep to food safety, the book provides nutrition smarts that college students of all ages can use. This is the ultimate guide to help students eat more healthfully, but more importantly, to help them eat foods that are nourishing, delicious and fun," she said.

White, a registered dietitian, specializes in culinary and sports nutrition. Her recipes and articles have been featured in magazines, books and on television shows and websites. She is a regular contributor to the Food Network’s “Healthy Eats” blog. She also has her own website — www.danawhitenutrition.com.

White earned her bachelor’s degree in athletic training from Quinnipiac and her master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is the author of nine books, including, “Healthy, Quick and Easy Smoothies,” “Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook” and “Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook.”

Learn more and purchase a copy of the book

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