Senator addresses health care disparity at Quinnipiac student’s invitation

May 02, 2020

U.S. Sen. Bloomenthal on a laptop screen

United States Sen. Richard Blumenthal, of Connecticut, vowed to keep pushing hard for equal access to health care, including free COVID-19 testing on a national scale, during a town hall webinar Friday at Quinnipiac.

“This health care challenge is real. It is urgent,” Blumenthal said. “Nothing less than the future of our health care system is at stake. The pandemic has highlighted deep-seated disparities in coverage, in health care, in other aspects of our health care system that ought to trouble our conscience.”

The senator addressed nearly 300 people on the webinar at the invitation of Delilah Dominguez, MHS ’20, who earlier this week was named the national Student of the Year by the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

“I hope this discussion excites and inspires everyone to become more involved in advocacy,” said Dominguez, who will graduate from Quinnipiac’s nationally ranked physician assistant program later this year.

“We all have more power than we think, especially when we exercise our rights as citizens,” she added. “As COVID-19 has shown us, every member of society is vital to our collective health.”

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