SPB and WQAQ kick off the fall season with Fall Fest

October 26, 2021

Trevor Daniels performs at Fall Fest

Quinnipiac’s Student Programming Board (SPB) and radio station WQAQ-FM came together to produce the first major student-run event since the COVID-19 pandemic started last year. To say it was a success would be an understatement.

“SPB is very grateful and thankful that we have this opportunity,” said SPB President Shannon Flaherty ‘22. “When we got the green light over the summer, I was filled with so much joy to bring back the concert in such a large scale and we’re so excited to bring the community together for this traditional fall event.”

Assistant Director of Campus Life for Student Center and Student Involvement Jahmil Effend praised the students for their great work.

“I think WQAQ and SPB did amazing with pulling this together and doing all the things they needed to do, especially with setting up the stage with 40 volunteers,” Effend said. “The production company said we’re one of the best schools they’ve worked with and that was really exciting to hear that, since they’ve worked with over 1,000 schools. Everyone is on point and today everyone worked so hard to make sure everything was without hiccups and they’ve done a really good job at the end of the day.”

Not only are students excited that the Quad became a lively concert venue this year, but faculty as well.

“It will be great to see more students on the Quad and really use it as a playground or backyard and use it to make memories during their time at Quinnipiac,” said Chief Experience Officer Tom Ellett. “We just approved last week to make it optional for students to be able to use the Quad for activities, so I’m really glad students decided to utilize it for Fall Fest.”

The free event included a live concert, food trucks, games, crafts and rides. Artists Rebecca Black and Trevor Daniel performed throughout the concert.

“College shows are the best shows because people are so grateful to even have something like this happen and the energy is always so fun and I really feel I just get to be myself, so it was really fun,” Black told members of the Quinnipiac student media.

Fall Fest was on the same day as SPB Late Night Chair Samanatha Perelli’s birthday. Although Perelli could spend her birthday anywhere, being able to see her hard work paying off and spending time with her friends was the ultimate gift.

“The reason why I’m here on my birthday is because I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” Perelli said. “SPB people are my people and they make me the happiest I've ever been.”

Students are grateful to attend a university that allows them to participate and get involved in such large-scale events.

“I think this school has a lot of great opportunities for students to get involved and does really awesome things like this,” said SPB Vice President of Membership Paige Pezzella ‘24. “I would’ve never imagined I would do this coming into college so I think this school facilitates an environment where students can do things that they want and have these really great opportunities.”

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