Students launch new magazine celebrating multiculturalism

June 07, 2021

Students walk through campus in formal-wear

Esau A. Greene Jr. ’21 was among a dozen students from different backgrounds and communities who came together this year to produce, “For the QUlture,” a magazine to celebrate multiculturalism at Quinnipiac.

“The main objective of this publication was to highlight the unspoken heroes of our Bobcat community,” said Greene, a political science major with a minor in sociology. “We wanted to create something that would be engaging, informative and hopefully stand the test of time.”

Ja’sean Johnson-Henry ’21, a marketing major and advertising minor, sees an invitation to discovery on every page.

“This magazine will give a lot of students the opportunity to not only be more involved, but to establish connections and a strong network they can use in the future,” Johnson-Henry said.

Greene, who like so many of those on the magazine’s staff, is eager to see “For the QUlture” become even more creative and intentional in the future.

“I also hope it sparks conversation and creates a path for our larger student body to engage with students who come from different walks of life,” Greene said.

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