Thank you frontline workers

January 28, 2021

Bobcat strong

Thank you to all the frontline workers who continue to play a critical role throughout the pandemic in providing essential services to their communities. Quinnipiac students are committed to enhancing and enriching the lives of community residents.

They volunteer throughout Connecticut by raising money for charities, assisting in Ronald McDonald House projects, participating in Read Aloud days in schools and helping to beautify neighborhoods. Our health professions students provide free clinics, and our law students perform legal services and tax preparation for residents in need.

So, it is no surprise that Quinnipiac alumni carry their altruistic beliefs into their careers. They are among the essential workers who grapple with the unrelenting effects of the pandemic and continue to serve with pride.

Meet Our Bobcat Heroes

Educators have led our children through these uncertain times and have done their best to maintain consistency in their interrupted lives. Teachers provide a new space for students to learn where they balance the social and emotional needs with curriculum and accountability.

Kim Day, MAT ’20

Quinnipiac helped Day prepare for the unexpected changes in education the pandemic brought. Teachers will always have “to adapt to the changes that society frequently undergoes in order to best serve our students." 

Health care workers across our country work tirelessly to save the lives of thousands of people, and improve the quality of life for countless others, whether in the hospital or in the community. Quinnipiac graduates are on the frontlines and include nurses, social workers and physician assistants among the many who are making a difference.

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Gina Gates, MSW ’20

Quinnipiac taught her “to expect the unexpected.” As a social worker, Gates’s clients depend on her to be there either virtually or in person, if necessary.

The pandemic has put a strain on the mental health field as more and more people reach out for help during these trying times. Gates is prepared to serve those in need of mental health services.

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Mark Turczak, PA ’16

“We were always taught at Quinnipiac to fall back on your training no matter how challenged you may sometimes feel. As the pandemic was starting to arrive here in the U.S. there was a lot of uncertainty and some anxiety about what was going to take place, but I was reassured we’ve been trained to handle difficult cases and diseases.” Turczak is a Physician Assistant in emergency medicine and is the president of Connecticut Academy of Physician Assistants.

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Leonile Scott, DNP ’20

Scott was dramatically changed by the pandemic so much so that she committed to improve her community by earning her DNP in Leadership.

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Quinnipiac is proud of our Bobcats who continue to rise to the challenges before us and uphold Quinnipiac values through their dedication to serving their communities. They did it not because they were told to, but because that is who they are at heart.

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