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A School of Education student plays a dice game with a high school student on the North Haven Campus

School of Education

Great educators have the ability to change lives. At Quinnipiac, our mission is to prepare our candidates for 21st-century careers in education as teachers, leaders and designers of learning environments and materials. By fostering personal and intellectual transformation, we strive to empower our graduates to affect change within themselves and others to move toward a more just and equitable society.

Prepare for your journey in education

At Quinnipiac, we offer a variety of programs to prepare you for a range of jobs in the field of education. People with degrees in education not only work in schools; they work in corporations as directors of training, in healthcare as client educators, in law organizations as advocates for kids with special needs, in universities as course designers and in many other settings. In addition to their day jobs, these individuals are often athletic coaches, career advisors and community volunteers. Wherever engaging and effective learning is needed, you can be sure to find graduates from the School of Education.  

Our undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs fully immerse you in the art and science of teaching and learning. Depending on your personal goals, you’ll learn how to communicate effectively, structure engaging lessons and learning resources, manage a classroom or school and leverage educational technology. Most importantly, you’ll develop the skills to ensure that learners of all levels and cultural backgrounds have every opportunity to succeed.

Our approach integrates modern theories of teaching and learning with the practical application of those theories. Classes are taught by accomplished faculty members with deep educational and industry experience. Small class sizes afford the opportunity for personal guidance and feedback for each student. Prospective classroom teachers will complete extensive fieldwork, which will give you both hands-on experience and the benefit of reduced tuition.

Whether you aspire to become a new teacher, switch career paths, move into administration or develop skills in the design of digital learning materials — we have programs for every career stage. Graduates of our programs are hired quickly and go on to lead rewarding careers.

Ways to Learn

3 Certificates

The School of Education offers 3 different certificates to help further your academic experience and earn credentials in areas that ignite your passion.

4 Dual-Degree Programs

Dual-degree bachelor's and master's programs streamline your educational journey, putting you on an accelerate path to completing both your undergraduate and graduate degrees.

6 Graduate Programs

Our master's degrees and advanced diploma programs allow you to expand your knowledge and gain adaptable, flexible skills that prepare you for a lifetime.

Unveiling the name of our new academic building

A rendering of The SITE academic building at South Quad
The SITE is designed to maximize student-faculty collaboration, exploration

January 22, 2024

Quinnipiac students will soon have the opportunity to prepare for successful careers in a new 137,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art, student-centered academic building designed to promote community and interdisciplinary learning that will be called The SITE, which stands for Science, Innovation, Technology and Exploration.
Get to know The SITE

Career Opportunities

Our degrees in education position graduates for a growing number of specialized and in-demand opportunities — whether you are a newcomer to the field or an experienced educator looking to advance your credentials. By pursuing our dual-degree, graduate, post-secondary and certificate programs, students gain valuable skills suited for a wide array of career moves inside and outside of the classroom.

Our Dual-Degree and Graduate Master of Arts in Teaching programs provide students with the training, certification and initial licensure they need to take their place at the front of the classroom.


Potential Roles

  • Elementary School Teacher

  • Middle School Teacher

  • High School Teacher

  • Special Education Teacher


Degrees and Programs

Our specialized master’s degrees focus on the research, theory and practice that will inform how we approach teaching the next generation of students.


Potential Roles

  • Advocate

  • Content Development Specialist

  • Curriculum Developer

  • Director of Training and Development

  • eLearning Developer

  • Instructional Designer


Degrees and Programs

Our certificate and advanced diploma plans of study allow seasoned educators to build upon their years of experience with specialized formal training in areas that excite them.


Degrees and Programs

Our Sixth-Year Diploma in Education Leadership enables experienced educators to become change-makers as department chairs, administrators, vice principals, principals and assistant superintendents. 


Potential Roles

  • Principal

  • Vice Principal / Assistant Principal

  • Department Chairs

  • School Leaders


Degrees and Programs

By the Numbers

97% Employment Rate

Percentage of graduates in the Class of 2022 who are employed within four months of graduation.

Icon of teaching class

63 Partner Schools

Quinnipiac places students in more than 22 partner districts.

Message from the Dean

Anne Dichele

Anne Dichele

Dean of the School of Education

“People learn and grow throughout their lives. Caring, knowledgeable and innovative educators make a crucial difference at every stage. At the School of Education, we are experts in how to train and support those educators.”

Inspiring future educators

Students sit in on an education symposium

High school students urged to find their superpowers

More than 170 local high school students seeking to become the next generation of high-impact educators were urged to find their superpower during a passionate keynote address by Quinnipiac University Associate Provost for Faculty Aff­airs and Professor of Political Science Khalilah Brown-Dean at the second annual Increasing Educator Diversity Symposium.

The students, selected through the State Department of Education’s Educators Rising program, gathered at the North Haven campus for Brown-Dean’s presentation and a series of panel discussions chaired by various in-state dignitaries from the educational community. The discussion was centered around successful transitions from high school to higher education but the overarching message was about representation and breaking down barriers at a time when there is already an urgent demand for quality teachers.

Brown-Dean said she was honored to be in the presence of so many young people who had “made the decision that they want to have an impact.” It’s a misnomer to characterize kids as “future leaders,” Brown-Dean said, when in reality the state and the country “don’t have the luxury of waiting for you to be a future leader.”

“We need you right now,” she said.

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Student Spotlight

Bekah Powers

Alumna finds purpose through education

When Bekah Powers ’21, MAT ’22, made the decision to pursue her master’s degree in elementary education, Quinnipiac was the clear choice. With both of her older brothers having graduated from Quinnipiac, she was able to witness first-hand the power of earning a Quinnipiac degree.

“I felt connected to and supported by everyone at Quinnipiac, including all of the faculty," said Powers. “The small class sizes allowed me to make personal connections with not only my peers but also all of my professors.”

Finding her passion for teaching at a young age from teachers who inspired her, Powers wanted to follow in their footsteps and help students have a positive attitude toward education, she said.

Outside of her work, Powers has served as a peer mentor for students with autism and has done extensive service projects as part of the Dominican Republic Mission Team, a non-profit organization founded by her parents in 1990. In her fifth-grade classroom in Meriden, Connecticut, Powers has implemented many of the lessons she learned during her time at Quinnipiac.

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Exceeding the Highest Standards in Public Education

School of Education CAEP certificate.

All programs in the School of Education are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and by the Connecticut State Department of Education.

School of Education graduates earn exceptionally high scores on licensure examinations required for certification both within and outside the state of Connecticut, including the Praxis II tests for special educators and elementary and secondary teacher candidates; the Foundations of Reading Test; Spanish ACTFL Test; and the Connecticut Administrator Test (CAT), taken by the candidates in the Sixth-Year Diploma in Educational Leadership program.

Our Reputation

U.S. News & World Report

Recognized among the best online graduate education programs in the country, Quinnipiac also earned the highest rankings in Connecticut.

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