University signs transfer agreement with Norwalk Community College

December 12, 2019

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Graduates of Norwalk Community College are now able to seamlessly transfer to Quinnipiac University under a new agreement that streamlines their route to a bachelor’s degree. Quinnipiac has a similar agreement with Gateway and Housatonic community colleges.

Quinnipiac President Judy Olian and Cheryl DeVonish, chief executive officer of Norwalk Community College, recently signed the agreement, which takes effect immediately and covers transfer students between the schools, honors students, dual-enrollment students and online students.

“We are pleased to offer a pathway to an undergraduate degree for students of Norwalk Community College,” Olian said. “We are committed to easing the financial burden on these students to enable their seamless transfer from Norwalk to Quinnipiac, positioning the students for career success.”

Under the agreement, Norwalk Community College graduates who satisfy Quinnipiac transfer admission requirements for their intended major are guaranteed admission into a bachelor’s degree program with third-year (junior) status at Quinnipiac once they graduate with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (this may be higher in some programs) and an associate degree in arts or an associate of science in business, nursing, computer science, criminal justice, allied health or from the college of technology engineering science. They also will receive academic scholarships based on their GPA.

“This agreement provides a valuable educational pathway for NCC students to continue their education to the bachelor’s level or beyond,” DeVonish said. “NCC offers an outstanding education that prepares students to set their aspirations high and be accepted to competitive four-year colleges and universities like Quinnipiac.”

DeVonish added that the partnership will help students save money on tuition and will benefit all students interested in transfer opportunities, especially nursing students planning to further their education from an RN to a BSN.

In addition, students can take one Quinnipiac course per year free of charge while enrolled at Norwalk, with a maximum of three courses per student. For more information, call Quinnipiac University Admissions at 203-582-8600 or write to

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