Transfer student Michelle Muchemi is making her dreams become a reality

February 10, 2022

Michelle Muchemi Headshot

Michelle Muchemi is currently a certified nursing assistant and is working toward becoming a registered nurse.

Muchemi heard about Quinnipiac's nursing program’s reputation for being reputable, holistic and known for producing well-rounded nurses.

“I need to become a well-rounded and excellent nurse upon graduating,” Muchemi said. “Having come from a large public university, I felt like Quinnipiac’s smaller classes and teacher to student ratio would allow me to be more interactive with the professors, have more opportunity to reach out to my professors when I have any concerns, have a voice in the classroom and have a more interactive learning process.”

Muchemi found the transfer process to be seamless and straightforward in nature.

“I feel I had a lot of support from advisors and the administration faculty at Quinnipiac, which allowed my transfer process to run smoothly and allowed me to feel included as a part of the Bobcat family,” Muchemi said.

As a member of the African Caribbean Student Union and the Quinnipiac Student Nurses Association (QSNA), Muchemi finds the Quinnipiac community to be tight-knit and allows her to expand her skillsets and opportunities.

“The Quinnipiac University community provides ample opportunity to grow in academics through all the resources provided in the Learning Commons and tutoring opportunities, while also fostering growth socially and as a community,” she said. “There is an opportunity to grow through the various clubs, interprofessional education and job opportunities that are offered on campus or through the university.”

The campus community, technology and programs Muchemi is involved in helps her prepare for her future career in healthcare.

“The University has nurtured my interests and passions by allowing me to be involved in organizations that are aligned with my major, such as QSNA, and opportunities to expand my knowledge in healthcare through the various seminars that are held, as well as pre-health advisement that has helped me discover other high-level clinical professions that are also available,” she said. “I am able to develop my nursing skills as a member of the program through the open-laboratory hours, simulation labs, and clinical placements in various specialties within nursing.”

Muchemi is confident in the accomplishments the program has helped her reach.

“It has given me the chance to create connections, enroll in the correct courses, learn more about clinical placement and it exposed me to areas of interest that I can explore once I am a newly graduated nurse,” Muchemi said.

Muchemi describes the transfer process as one of the first to do it.

“I felt included as a transfer student and during the process of becoming integrated into the school,” she said. “How things operated was a great experience due to all of the help I received with settling in, getting my classes in order and registering for the necessary classes for my degree.”

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