Transfer student pursues her passion for business

November 12, 2021

Headshot of Jain Manavi

Manavi Jain transferred to Quinnipiac from the University of Connecticut to explore opportunities in the 4+1 accelerated business program.

“I had many reasons to transfer to Quinnipiac. The biggest reason is that it is a very well-known and recognized university with an MBA in the specific area of my choice. In addition, I really liked how Quinnipiac has 100+ clubs on campus to keep students engaged and involved in the community," said Jain.

The 4+1 program allows Jain to complete her undergraduate degree and MBA in management within five years, she explained.  The program is only available to Quinnipiac graduates, prompting Jain’s transfer.

The program will expose Jain to higher-education classes sooner and allow her to pursue her career earlier, she said. Jain is set to finish her undergraduate portion of the degree this fall and continue onto the MBA aspect of the program shortly after.

“In today’s challenging business environment, just an undergrad degree is not enough to be successful. Thus, this 4+1 program will enhance my career multifold. This will also help me to gain the knowledge and skillsets needed to be a well-rounded individual and to achieve my goal of being a successful entrepreneur,” said Jain.

Jain noted that transferring can be a stressful process; however, she found it to be effortless after working with Quinnipiac admissions and faculty. 

Jain had one on one conversations with professors prior to her transfer, allowing her to ask questions about the program which she explained comforted her in the transfer decision. Jain stated the best thing about the transfer process was that she did not lose any credits from her prior college, making the transfer even smoother.

"The applied business program prepared me for all aspects of real-world business,” said Jain.

In addition to the program, Jain has also participated in the Presidential Public Service Fellowship in Hamden, CT. At this placement, Jain worked with the deputy chief and town clerk to help with digitizing and organizing archives.

“I was able to see tremendous value in my career by helping people solve issues in the local community while making a meaningful impact. Another gratifying aspect was being able to expand my network by meeting and connecting with local, influential people and individuals at government offices. This helped me develop new skills including communication abilities and managing large projects independently,” explained Jain.

Jain said that she has found joy in the Quinnipiac community in addition to her educational experiences. She stated that the Quinnipiac community has a vibrant identity with students and professors all pushing one another to excel. She holds multiple board positions in clubs and organizations including the culture and conversation chair of the Student Programming Board, the treasurer of Student Organ Donation Advocates, a member of the Global Partners Program and the vice president for Women Empowered on campus.

“Quinnipiac program coordinators were extremely helpful in providing coaching and insights to be ready for my fellowship. Professors go the extra mile to help shape your personal and intellectual persona, to get the best out of you,” said Jain.

Jain noted that Quinnipiac both provides her with a great education and also nurtures her passions, giving her many opportunities to join different groups and experience different work experiences. Jain will use what she has learned at Quinnipiac to become a successful entrepreneur, she said.

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