Double the return on your educational investment

Our MBA dual-degree programs are designed for outstanding students who want to reap the benefits of completing a dual degree in less time than it would take to complete the 2 degrees separately. The path to the dual-degree MBA is completed in 5 years and is open to both students enrolled in bachelor of science and bachelor of arts programs. For both the BS/MBA and BA/MBA paths, students begin taking graduate courses during their senior year that count toward both an undergraduate degree and an MBA.

Our dual-degree curriculum emphasizes collaboration and critical thinking, and you’ll hone your leadership and presentation skills through group projects. You’ll explore the major challenges of today’s global business world and examine key topics, such as organizational behavior and financial analysis. Each program fosters the development of both hands-on skills and a global perspective through an experiential learning component and executive study abroad course.

Career development is central to both programs. You’ll receive guidance not only from our dedicated faculty and staff, but also a vast network of alumni eager to assist in internship and job search. Job fairs and recruiting events also connect you with representatives from prominent firms including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, GE, Citi and Johnson & Johnson. With an intimate understanding of business, practical experiences and a foundation in subjects such as economics, finance and chemistry, you’ll graduate with a step up on your competition, ready to excel in a range of careers.