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University awards inaugural scholarship to Hamden High School student

August 10, 2021

As part of Quinnipiac’s continuing commitment to supporting the Hamden community, the university has announced its inaugural Junior Book Award winner.

This year’s recipient is Sinead Masterson, a junior at Hamden High School. As part of the award, Masterson will receive a minimum scholarship of $15,000 per year from the university, and may be granted an even higher award depending on the overall strength of her academics. The award will be renewable each year, provided that minimum academic requirements are met.

“We are pleased to recognize Sinead as the recipient of this year’s Quinnipiac Book Award as an outstanding younger leader and to support a graduate of Hamden High School in this way,” said Bethany Zemba, vice president and chief of staff at Quinnipiac.

In addition to the scholarship, Masterson has been invited to visit campus with her family for lunch and a private tour of the university.

Masterson received the book, “You got this, kid!: Words of advice for young leaders,” a book published earlier this year by Chuck Saia, ’91, MBA ’94.

“The book is the cornerstone of the You Got This, Kid! Leadership Foundation, whose mission is to every day strive to create one better leader, get one step closer to a Lupus cure and environmental sustainability,” Saia said. “To be part of this and have Sinead join the Quinnipiac family, while learning about leadership and philanthropy though the book and our foundation makes me very proud.”

Every copy purchased of “You got this, kid!: Words of advice for young leaders,” creates awareness about and provides mechanisms to support Saia’s work to find a Lupus cure and achieve environmental sustainability.

“Supporting any student or individual makes me and our board members — both at Quinnipiac and the foundation — feel proud,” Saia said. “But, to do it in the local community, feels particularly special as it aligns with our university’s strategic plan to have a positive impact in our community.”

Quinnipiac plans to award a new scholarship each year to an academically successful student in Hamden.

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