A fresh perspective on mental health awareness

October 05, 2021

Students participate in Fresh Check Day.

Students and faculty came together on Bobcat Way Lawn today to immerse in fun activities that promoted mental well-being.

Fresh Check Day is an annual uplifting mental health fair that includes peer-run interactive booths, free food, music and fun prizes and giveaways. This event is open to all Quinnipiac students, faculty and staff and strives to create community. Excited students volunteered to run individuals booths at the fair and interacted with fellow students.

“I love this event because it’s just a really cool way to get people together and talking about mental health which is not something that we always talk about. It’s just a cool and really positive experience that is bring people together,” said Katie Castell, a biomedical science graduate student, as she helped students check in.

This unique experience enabled students to escape their everyday routines and take time for self-reflection. It also provided them with the tools and a listening ear to help themselves or friends who are struggling with mental health concerns.

“I’m getting choked up because I think it is just so great and I’ve gotten so many comments saying that this event has really helped people who have struggled feel more normal and accepted,” said counselor and event organizer Mary Pelletieri. “It is so important to spread the word that mental health is important and is a real thing and that we can help each other. You don’t have to know everything or be a counselor, you just have to ask someone if they are OK.”

Students on campus have shown great interest in the ever-growing topic of mental health, explained Pelletieri.

“The students have been unbelievable, they are so excited for this event. I had them read over an initial folder to become more comfortable and feel well equipped for the event and their individual booths,” said Pelletieri.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness Club had a booth at the event encouraged participants to write a positive message about themselves on sticky notes. Participants placed their notes on a mirror and see themselves in that light.

“Today we are running a booth called Unique and we are focusing on body positivity and embracing everything about yourself. One in five college students suffer from either eating-disorder habits or an eating disorder in general so we want to raise awareness and make sure that students know they are perfect the way they are,” said Abby Burke ’25.

With many fun and interactive booths like these, awareness is continuously spread throughout the fair and students have a chance to learn more and better establish their lives here at Quinnipiac.

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