Artificial Intelligence: Delving into the wicked problem of poverty.

By Margaret Goralski, associate professor of entrepreneurship and strategy October 06, 2023

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As the Global Working Group (WG) Liaison for UN PRME North America, which includes the United States and Canada, I have been invited to join a panel of prestigious leaders to present an all-conference session titled Cross Regional Chapter and Cross Working Groups.

The WGs of the United Nations include Business and Human Rights, Business for Peace, Climate Change and Environment, Gender Equality, Humanistic Management, Poverty, Sustainability Mindset, and Sustainable Finance.

This 10th UN Responsible Management Education Research (RMER) conference titled Sustainable and Responsible Management: A Decade of Integrating Knowledge and Creating Societal Impact through Innovation and Entrepreneurship,” will take place at the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, the week of September 25 in Lisbon Portugal. The WGs are a repository for a vast amount of knowledge, publish journals and books pertaining to the WG mission, and gather together virtually and in face-to-face conferences and meetings worldwide.

This session will discuss how the WGs can work more closely with faculty at UN PRME Signatory universities to the benefit of all.

By Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy Margaret Goralski

The paper questions how one can solve the wicked problem of world poverty if the solution doesn’t consider the foundation of the problem. No Poverty is the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number one. It has been studied by philosophers, historians, economists, government officials, and others throughout the centuries and yet no solution has been found.

AI has the patience and resilience to delve deeply into a problem to discover its source and then could work on a generational solution that would finally pull a society of people out of poverty. We acknowledge that poverty is a multifaceted and complex issue that cannot be solved by technology alone, however, in combination with humanity it may be able to contribute various efforts to provide insights and solutions to help policymakers and organizations make better decisions.

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