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The M&T Bank Center for Women and Business is dedicated to bringing together a community of women and their allies who are focused on achieving their professional goals and sharing their wisdom and experiences with each other through skill-building workshops, motivational events and networking opportunities.

What We Do

The center brings together women at all stages of work and life, and with varied backgrounds to learn from and support each other. In recent months, the center has offered virtual events focused on topics such as hope, resilience and healing during adversity. These events focused on ways to increase skills, improve self-awareness and build resilience while preparing for the future. As the pandemic stretched into the fall semester, the center conducted events centered on mindfulness, networking and inclusion.


To provide opportunities for women to achieve their professional goals as well as to build a community focused on achieving those goals consistent with their personal values. This community of women and their allies is committed to lifelong learning, is eager to share, and includes the external community, students, alumni, faculty and staff. Our center is devoted to preparing our community for enlightened and engaged citizenship.


The center, as part of a thriving, 3-campus university, provides programs designed to educate and inspire women focused on achieving their personal and professional best through lifelong learning. The center also facilitates connections and thereby builds and develops an engaged community, where wisdom and experience are shared with each other to educate, inspire and foster growth.

Target Audience

Ambitious women and their allies, coming together to engage in learning to empower themselves and others.

Value Proposition

The center is part of a dynamic and growing university with a commitment to academic excellence and to building a strong sense of community enlightenment and engagement. It serves the needs of women professionals by providing opportunities for lifelong learning, professional development and community-building and citizenship.

2021–2022 Year in Review

Our School of Business M&T Bank Centers completed another productive year with initiatives that had a measurable impact on the various people and communities they serve, despite the uncertainty and heaviness of the pandemic. Consistent with their missions, each provided exciting, engaging and provocative activities and opportunities for students, faculty, alumni and friends of Quinnipiac University.

View the Center for Women in Business Report (PDF)

View the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Report (PDF) 

2022 Women of Influence Awards

In celebration of Women’s History Month, March 1-31, 2022, the M&T Bank Center for Women & Business honored four women across Quinnipiac for their impact and influence on students and our campus community. Out of the forty-two nominations, one full-time faculty, one part-time faculty, one staff member, and one student were chosen and honored on social media.

2022 Women of Influence Award Honorees:
Student: Gabriella Colello
Staff: Rita Rodrigues
PT Faculty: Virginia Kulig
FT Faculty: Kim DiGiovanni

Women of Color Professional Development Series

Among the most significant and impactful series of events we've ever hosted, the M&T Bank Center for Women and Business Women of Color Professional Development Series aimed to create a safe and comfortable environment for women of color to engage in professional development in affinity together.

The first event, a virtual salary negotiations training workshop, was presented in partnership with the Department of Cultural & Global Engagement with support from the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs, the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center and the Collaborative for Interdisciplinary/Integrative Studies.

The second event, a virtual authenticity in the workplace workshop, invited attendees to explore, reflect and discuss the three selves of the authenticity principle. The workshop was hosted alongside the Department of Cultural & Global Engagement.

The series concluded with its third and final event, a webinar on leadership with Dr. Anne Taylor. This event was presented in collaboration with the Association of Women in Surgery, the American Medical Women’s Association, the Inclusion and Diversity Council, the Student National Medical Association and the Latino Medical Student Association.

Read more about the M&T Bank Center for Women and Business Women of Color Professional Development Series and explore additional events we've hosted below.

Past Events and Our Community in Action

The M&T Bank Center for Women and Business, along with partners from the community, regularly host events that guide women to further their careers, improve personally and professionally and hear from leaders in the industry about their journeys and experiences. Below is a sampling of our most recent events.

  • Salary Negotiation Workshops: These free virtual training sessions are designed for students and professionals of all ages and career stages.
    Watch WORK Smart: Best Practices Virtual Training for Professionals

  • Sip and Shop: These events highlight small businesses owned and operated by Women of Color in the QU and Greater New Haven community. All are welcome to shop, network and socialize.

  • Student Leaders Network with Advisory Council Members: During these networking events, undergraduate students capitalize on the opportunity to speak with professionals, faculty and staff and ask career-centric questions.

  • Coffee Chats: During these casual meetings, attendees discuss ideas, network with other professionals and share resources that benefit themselves and their organizations.

  • Financial Know-How: A Workshop for Your Personal and Business Success with Tracey San Angelo of North Business Banking and Amanda Moore and Michael Hawes of M&T Bank.
    Watch Financial Literacy for Students
    Watch Financial Know-How for Small Business Owners

  • Social Media Marketing Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs: This workshop introduced attendees to the strategies behind reaching social goals and objectives on social media and provided helpful resources.
    Watch the Social Media Marketing Workshop

  • Brunch & Write: Use this time for writing, work or even self-care — whatever you want to give focused attention to.

  • Talking to Your Doctor: Become a Successful Patient: Learn simple, smart healthcare communication to talk with your doctors to maximize the time of your medical visits.

  • Mindfulness Session on the Quad: Enjoy an opportunity to destress, emphasize personal well-being and find peace and stability within yourself.

  • Authenticity in the Workplace Workshop: Explore, reflect and discuss the three selves of the authenticity principle during this interactive workshop for students and professionals who self-identify as women of color.

  • New Minds Open Forum: Share your experiences as women/womxn on campus and reflect on the ways in which being a woman, in all of their/our expressions, occurs at Quinnipiac and what those experiences are like.

  • Leadership with Dr. Anne Taylor: Dr. Taylor shared insights into the transition from entering a field of study to becoming an accomplished professional as she continues to forge a path for women of color who aspire to create their own legacy.
    Watch the webinar

  • Women in Technology Panel: The panel highlighted women in technology and focused on their career paths, struggles and successes.

  • Fireside Chat: Lauren Garrett, the newly-elected mayor of Hamden, Judy Olian, President of Quinnipiac University, and Holly Raider, dean of the School of Business, discussed evolving leadership challenges and opportunities.
    Read the recap

  • Research Progress Presentation on Occupational Therapy Role in Chronic Disease Health Management and Maintenance with Tracy Van Oss, a clinical professor of Occupational Therapy at Quinnipiac.

  • Supporting Women in Times of Crisis and Calm: Simone Morris '90 and Djuana Beamon discussed the year in review and shared practical insights for better supporting women in the workplace in 2021 and beyond.
    Watch the Supporting Women presentation

  • Strategies to Maximize Your Impact at Work with Meredith Reuben, CEO of EBP Supply Solutions.
    Watch Strategies to Maximize Your Impact

  • Growing Younger...with Age: Ania Jakubowski shared experiences from over 25 years of working across developed and emerging markets in Europe, North America and Africa.
    Watch Growing Younger...With Age

  • Women Entrepreneurship Week Panel Discussion with female student entrepreneurs.
    Watch the Panel Discussion with Female Student Entrepreneurs

  • Women in Sports: Life Post College Athletics: Four former Quinnipiac student-athletes described their journeys after college, how sports have impacted their professional careers, and how the transition has influenced where they are now.
    Watch the Women in Sports Panel

Kathleen Simione M&T Bank Center for Women in Business Scholarship

Women pursuing a business degree program at Quinnipiac University who demonstrate outstanding potential in the field are invited to apply for this annual scholarship. Past recipients include:

Kylie Gethings '21, MS '22

  • Kylie Gethings earned her bachelor's in computer information systems in May 2021 and is expected to earn her master's in business analytics in May 2022. She was a member of Quinnipiac's Computer Information Systems Society and graduated from her undergraduate program with honors.

Read Kylie's essay (PDF)

Julianna Masseria '21, MBA '22

  • Julianna Masseria earned her bachelor's in May 2021 and is expected to earn her MBA in May 2022. She was the former Assistant Vice President of Finance for the Kappa Delta sorirty as well as a member of Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society.

Read Julianna's essay (PDF)

Research Award Program

M&T Bank Center for Women and Business 2022-23 Research Award Program

Two research awards will be awarded in the amount of $2,500 each to support faculty and/or student research that aligns with the M&T Bank Center for Women and Business mission, to provide opportunities for women to achieve their professional goals, as well as to build a community focused on achieving those goals consistent with their personal values.

This community is comprised of women and their allies committed to life-long learning who are eager to share, and includes the external community, students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Our center is devoted to preparing our community for enlightened and engaged citizenship.

This research will result in a submission of an article to a peer-reviewed conference or quality journal (meeting the scholarship requirements of your department) in 2022-23, and a presentation to the community.

Apply Online

To apply, please submit your application online by May 16, 2022 at 5 p.m. 

Complete the Online Application

Research Award applications will be reviewed and decisions made by June 1, 2022. Late submissions will not be considered. See full details about application requirements below.

Submission Timeline
  1. May 16, 2022 at 5 p.m.: Research proposal submission date

  2. On or before June 1, 2022: Research award decisions made

  3. On or before May 31, 2023: Completed manuscript submitted for review to journal or conference and to M&T Bank Center for Women and Business.

  4. On or before December 31, 2023: Presentation to the M&T Bank Center for Women and Business community

Research Award Distribution
  • Initial Payment
    If your research proposal is selected by the research award committee, you will receive an initial payment of $1,250 in June 2022.

  • Completed Research Payment
    Once your research manuscript is sent out for review, you will be eligible for the remaining $1,250 payment. To receive this payment, submit a copy of the research manuscript or conference presentation/proceedings and submission information to Hanna Hejmowski at hanna.hejmowski@qu.edu, indicating which journal/conference you have sent it to for review. This must be completed by May 31, 2023.

To be considered your application must include the following:

Cover Page

The cover page should include applicant name(s) and the title of the research proposal. Submit one copy of your cover page.

Research Proposal

Submit your research proposal copy via Microsoft Forms. The proposal should not include the name(s) of the applicant(s). Research proposals have a strict 5 page limit. Please do not exceed the page limitation.

Research proposals must include the following:

  • Title of Research Proposal

  • Research Description: Please provide a 3-5 page summary of the research proposal documenting the following:

    • Brief description of topic of investigation or research

    • Research goals and projected project timeline

    • Specific research question(s) to be explored

    • Specific hypotheses or postulates where appropriate

    • Research methodology (Please identify if primary or secondary data will be used and if IRB approval will be/has been applied for. If secondary data will be used, please indicate its source; if primary data will be utilized, please identify the target population and data collection method.)

    • Timeline

    • Expected outcomes

    • References (can be included in an appendix)

  • Alignment of work with M&T Bank Center for Women and Business Mission: Please clearly describe how your work aligns with the mission of the M&T Bank Center for Women and Business (500 words).

  • Co-authors/additional researcher: Please list any additional co-authors you will be working with (or indicate if there are none); include their university or company affiliation and if there are any other awards supporting this research (Please note: the research award is only applicable to current Quinnipiac University Faculty and Students).

  • Target Outlet(s): List the target journal(s) and/or conference that you intend to submit the research manuscript to, with your target timeframe.

  • Potential Impact of Award Research: Identify the potential impact of the intellectual contribution that will result, in whole or in part, from the award of the research award. Indicators of impact should focus on potential for the intellectual contribution to result in:

    • Peer recognition of the originality, scope, and/or significance of new knowledge.

    • The applicability and benefits of the new knowledge to theory, practice, and/or teaching.

    • Usefulness and/or originality of new or different understandings, applications, and insights resulting from the creative work.

    • The breadth, value, and persistence of the use and impact of the creative work.

    • Originality and significance to learning including the depth and duration of usefulness as well as adoption or citations by peers.

    • Research awards and recognition (e.g., selection as a fellow of an academic society).

    • Citations of the creative work indicating impact on the creative work of others.

    • Evidence of leadership and team contributions to advancement of knowledge.


Megan Leubner: Megan Laubner's research is on the health needs of unhoused or marginally housed people in New Haven during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Nabiha Nuruzzaman: Medical student Nabiha Nuruzzaman's research project explores community health implications of the Navajo Nation's transition to sustainable energy.

Kathryn Reilly: Biology student Kathyrn Reilly's research involves neurocognitive hop testing as a predictor of injury among college athletes.

Tracy Van Oss: Occupational therapy professor Tracy Van Oss’ research project further develops and role models her own leadership skills with several cohorts of occupational therapy students to create sustained multifaceted experiential learning opportunities.

*Note: This research award will be considered taxable income by the IRS. Please consider this when applying.The M&T Bank Center for Women and Business Steering Committee members are not eligible to receive the research award while serving on the committee.

Leadership Team

Advisory Council and Steering Committee Members

  • Djuana Beamon, Chief Diversity & Social Responsibility Officer at Empower

  • Keisha Blake Harp, Vice President, Finance at Morgan Stanley

  • Lauren Castagnola, Director of Communications at the University of New Haven

  • Nancy Dudchik, President, Hamden Chamber of Commerce

  • Denise Fiore, Former Chief Operating Officer of Lawrence and Memorial Hospital, Senior Vice President of L+M Healthcare and Senior Vice President for Yale New Haven Health (Retired)

  • Isaiah Lee, Associate, King & Spalding

  • Karmela Malone, Senior Vice President, Claim Solutions, The Hartford

  • Henry Rondon, Assistant Executive Director of Unified Sports and Student Activities for the Connecticut Association of Schools - Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference

  • Amy Rosen, Former Regional Development Officer, Development & Alumni Affairs (Retired)

  • Sal Strazza, Vice President, HR Business Partner, Goldman Sachs

  • Danisha Collins, Administrative Assistant, Global Public Health and Service Learning

  • Maura Cox, Assistant Director of Advancement Services for Gift Administration, Office of Development and Alumni Affairs

  • Mohammad Elahee, Professor of International Business

  • Stefano Fasulo, Associate Director of Graduate Student Affairs

  • Alyssa Hyatt, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Business and Administration

  • Patricia Kelly, Senior Instructor of Management

  • Maja Laska, Grants Accountant, MBA ‘17

  • Erin Sabato, Director of Global Learning, Department of Cultural and Global Engagement

  • Jen Sacco, Professor of Political Science and Women’s & Gender Studies

  • Becky Spalthoff, Senior Director, Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Tamilla Triantoro, Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems

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