Gateway and Housatonic Community Colleges sign seamless transfer agreement

July 17, 2019

Graduates of Gateway Community College and Housatonic Community College are now able to seamlessly transfer to Quinnipiac University under a new agreement.

Paul Broadie II, president of Gateway and Housatonic community colleges, and Judy Olian, president of Quinnipiac, signed the agreement, which takes effect immediately and covers transfer students between the schools, honors students, dual-enrollment students and online students.

“We are delighted that Gateway and Housatonic community colleges are entering into a seamless transfer agreement with Quinnipiac,” President Olian said. “As outlined in our new strategic plan, developing tighter and more convenient transfer arrangements for community college students expands opportunity, builds inclusive excellence, and provides access to the rich portfolio of learning and growth opportunities at Quinnipiac.”

President Broadie said, “We are incredibly proud of our partnership with President Olian and our collaborative work with her team. This transfer articulation agreement creates a wonderful opportunity for hard-working community college students in pursuit of a higher degree. The opportunity to take free classes at Quinnipiac University while completing their associate degrees provides remarkable access and incentive for our students.”

Under the agreement, Gateway and Housatonic graduates are guaranteed admission into a bachelor’s degree program with third-year (junior) status at Quinnipiac once they graduate with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 from community college with an associate degree in arts or an associate of science in business, college of technology engineering science, nursing or an allied health degree. Gateway and Housatonic students also must satisfy all other Quinnipiac transfer admission requirements and requirements for the intended major.

In addition, students can take one Quinnipiac course per year free of charge while enrolled at Gateway or Housatonic, with a maximum of three courses per student.

For more information, call Quinnipiac Admissions at 203-582-8600 or email

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