Getting involved in #BobcatNation

August 28, 2019

Students hold up a plastic ball as part of QTHON.

At Quinnipiac, the college experience is more than academics. It's about creating a tangible impact on the university, local and global community. With more than 140 undergraduate student-run clubs and organizations, members of #BobcatNation are able to transform their passions into impact while developing marketable career experience.

Jonathan Banks ’20, MS ’21 said that being involved in student media at Quinnipiac has enhanced his college experience — and bolstered his resume.

“Attending the Involvement Fair was everything in kickstarting the journey to being where I am today,” said Banks, a student in the accelerated dual-degree (3+1) journalism/sports journalism program. “I’ve met my best friends from the organizations I’m a part of and I am gaining experience in the professional world.”

Banks credits being involved in student-run organizations as part of his success at his internship with NBC Sports Washington this past summer.

“I gained real-world experience and saw how I could put my dreams into action,” said Banks. “Jump in and don’t be afraid of trying anything — at the very least, you’ll meet great people who can be role-models for you throughout your journey at Quinnipiac and beyond.”

Undergraduates are encouraged to learn about the more than 140 clubs and organizations at this year’s Involvement Fair on the Recreation Center on the Mount Carmel Campus from 4 to 6 p.m.

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