Health science student ignites service, compassion and leadership in communities

May 04, 2024

Jonas Vorbau smiling in his graduation gown

From being an active member of Quinnipiac University EMS (QUEMS) to establishing a chapter to better the community, Jonas Vorbau '24 is driven by a great passion for helping others.

Growing up, Vorbau loved playing sports and embraced every aspect of it. As he got older, his body couldn't keep up with the demand, sparking his interest in medicine and the health sciences.

“Being able to learn about medicine and be around athletes is what interested me in going to medical school and hopefully working in orthopedics," said Vorbau.

Vorbau described his experience as a health science student.

“I loved the curriculum I had to go through to graduate. It was a mixture of good core classes but they also allowed us to choose electives that were aligned with our own personal interests,” said Vorbau. “My program had amazing advisers and our curriculum sophomore year is very intense but it sets us up well for graduate degrees.”

Juggling his heavy workload was difficult, but he prevailed to success.

“Time management is still one of my weaknesses but at the end of the day I still manage to find time to get everything done. It all starts with having every obligation written out in a schedule. If it is not written out and on paper, it does not exist to me,” Vorbau explained.

Despite the rigorous demands of his studies, Vorbau impressively started a Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) chapter on campus.

Friends of MSF, also known as Doctors Without Borders, is a charity that provides global medical care. Vorbau’s chapter aims to educate the community about MSF’s efforts and fundraise.

This past semester, the chapter has hosted two speaker events, a movie showing, a mapathon and some fundraising tabling events.

“I thought that the campus was missing a chapter like this that focuses on community service, fundraising and education so when I saw that Doctors Without Borders had this program, I started it right away,” said Vorbau.

In addition, Vorbau actively participates in QUEMS, a student-run, state-certified and supplemental first responder agency. Vorbau started his fall semester of junior year and continued during the rest of his time at Quinnipiac attaining a department of operations position as equipment officer.

“I absolutely love this way of learning outside of the classroom and love to help new EMTs figure out the EMS world together," said Vorbau. "Also, my time with CXO Tom Ellet has been helpful beyond words. In our advisory board we did a lot of change and outside of the advisory board, Tom has been an amazing mentor to me."

Reminiscing on his years as a Bobcat, Vorbau relays one of the many moments he will cherish for a lifetime.

“I will obviously never forget when our ice hockey team won the national championship, but above all, I have made friends that will last a lifetime,” he said. "One specific moment I will remember is spontaneously sledding on lids of boxes and whatever else we could find during a snow day late at night.”

Looking ahead to the future, Vorbau intends to go to medical school.

“I really love medicine and love learning so I would be very lucky in becoming a doctor and a lifelong learner,” said Vorbau.

Vorbau urges students to explore new horizons and get ahead in connecting with others.

“Branch out! Find older people who have a similar path and seek out their knowledge. Everyone in this field wants to help others so that is one of the best ways to get on a really good track,” he said.

“I would also recommend starting internships and jobs early so you can build an even bigger connections list because a lot about this field requires knowing the right people,” Vorbau added. 

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