Class of 2028 experiences all Quinnipiac offers at Admitted Student Experience

Ambitious members of the Class of 2028 were immersed in Bobcat Nation at Quinnipiac’s exhilarating and inspiring Admitted Student Experience April 6 and April 7.

“Today it’s our goal to illustrate our commitment to our students and future student and to our families, that Quinnipiac is the best place to grow, learn, engage, co-create and thrive as a student and as a person,” said Tom Ellett, chief experience officer.

Katerina Dewitt arrived from her hometown of Salem, New Jersey to enjoy an action-packed day on the Mount Carmel Campus and to confirm her commitment as a future Bobcat. 

“I just committed a few minutes ago. It’s my perfect New England college dream,” said Dewitt, who will study journalism at the School of Communications.

“I really want to be at a school that values giving you all kinds of experiences and that can push me to do something that makes me unique in the field. Quinnipiac wants their students to do that,” said Dewitt.

A capacity crowd of admitted students and their families filled up student-guided tours exploring all aspects of the Mount Carmel Campus, the hub of undergraduate student life.

“It just feels very welcoming to me and very comforting,” said Abby Bacon, a newly minted member of the Class of 2028.

Bacon, who will study behavioral neuroscience, arrived with her family from Lakeville, Massachusetts to enjoy her Admitted Student Experience.

“I have visited before and I’ve also been on the North Haven Campus. It feels like a home and very family-connected,” said Bacon.

Admitted students met many members of Bobcat Nation during panels on student life, parent experiences, housing and honors programming. They learned more about their future academic experiences during academic breakout sessions with faculty. They explored a showcase of student clubs and organizations, stopped by information tables to chat with representatives of admissions, financial aid, academics, residential life, global education and more — and gathered details on Quinnipiac’s many accelerated degree opportunities.

The Admitted Student Experience added up to a second visit to campus for Ryan Halpin of Queens, New York as he prepared to make his final college decision.

“I think I am going to become a Bobcat,” said Halpin. “I’m doing engineering and I love how the professors are close with their students. They’re very hands-on. And I love the campus.”  

Families and future Bobcats stopped in for merch at the bookstore and enjoyed lunch on the Quad as they planned their next experience options. Some popular picks included self-guided tours of the York Hill Campus, visits to the North Haven Campus and cheering on Quinnipiac’s Division I sports teams at several home games in play.

Quinnipiac kicked off the Admitted Student Experience with greetings from President Judy Olian and Ellett to the huge crowd of students and their families during the opening reception in the Recreation and Wellness Center.

“We really want to invite you to experience Quinnipiac and all that we have to offer,” said Ellett. “All of us are here today to answer your questions, show you our love of the institution and ensure you know we are here to assist you in finding your belonging as a future Bobcat.”

Olian welcomed the diverse and talented national and international student group that embodies the spirit of Quinnipiac ambition.

“I want to give a big shout out to each of our accepted students for this tremendous accomplishment. You were selected as a truly impressive group,” Olian said.

At Quinnipiac, students stretch themselves in new directions with a supportive family of faculty, students, staff and alumni always there to provide guidance and assistance, said Olian. By exploring new academic fields, joining clubs, making new and different friendships, discovering what kind of leader they are and can be, undertaking internships or clinical experiences in the field, students grow and develop into the person they want to be.

A truly special part of the Quinnipiac family is the bringing together of those with different points of view, from different geographies, with differing lived experiences, family structures and religions, racial, national, or gender identities, said Olian.

“That’s the beauty of our big family, the coming together of all these differences from which we all learn,” said Olian. “And we try to learn from these differences in a respectful way, with humility and with genuine curiosity, because we learn and grow from those differences. We welcome, embrace and respect those differences. That’s who we are; a family, a learning community that gets enriched because of these differences.”

Quinnipiac’s focus on the whole person in education and wellbeing, its national reputation as one of the very best universities for post-graduate employment and its ambition to be the university of the future, is evidenced among the members of Bobcat nation and in the university’s commitment to state-of-the art facilities on three campuses.

Quinnipiac’s new South Quad on the Mount Carmel Campus includes a multi-year residence hall, The Grove, opening in August of 2024; a new 79,000-square-foot School of Business; and the SITE (Science, Innovation, Technology and Exploration), a 137,000 square-foot academic building designed to promote interdisciplinary learning and community. The SITE and new School of Business are scheduled to open in May 2025, greatly benefiting members of the Class of 2028.

“As you walk around campus, it is impossible to ignore the excitement, the optimism, the forward momentum that exists in the air,” Olian said. “That we’re going places. That we’re building opportunities for our students. That we’re realizing ambition as the university of the future. When you join us here, you become part of the university of the future.”

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