Pre-dental student follows in family’s healthcare footsteps

January 16, 2024

Lindsey Biasotti smiles in front of the Quinnipiac library wearing white.

Lindsey Biasotti ’24, a health sciences student in the pre-dental designation, has always held Quinnipiac close to her heart, inspired by various family members who graduated as Bobcats.

Now as a senior, she reflects on the profound impact she has had on the university community and acknowledges the indelible mark college has left on her life.

From visiting campus to hiking Sleeping Giant as she grew up, Biasotti felt like a part of the Quinnipiac family from a young age, leading her to attend as a student. Her father, Jason Biasotti '93, '96; cousin, Jackie Biasotti '89; and older sister, Jillian Biasotti '21, MBA '22. all studied at Quinnipiac and inspired her to commit. During her first year, Biasotti’s sister was a senior which made moving into college a smooth transition, since she had her best friend at her side.

Aside from her school of choice, Biasotti’s academic calling was empowered by her family’s career paths as well.

“I have always been interested in healthcare due to my parents both being in the field — my father as a respiratory therapist and my mother as an audiologist but I was specifically interested in finding a career that advocated for both physical and mental health,” said Biasotti. “I noticed a major boost in self-confidence after getting my braces removed and realized exactly what was so fulfilling about a dental career. I developed a huge passion for cosmetics and helping a patient feel and look their best, as well as providing care by establishing healthy lifestyle habits in my patients.”

Biasotti has a devotion to helping people, whether that be through healthcare work or involvement within the local community. She holds the position of director of philanthropy and community service in the Kappa Delta sorority. She also sits on the board at the Children’s Center of Hamden (CCOH), granting her the opportunity to work closely with a non-profit organization.

“Kappa Delta’s mission of installing confidence perfectly aligned with my passions for dental care,” said Biasotti. “The Children’s Center of Hamden and Kappa Delta Sorority truly see each other as partners, a beautiful connection that constantly gives back to each other.”

In these roles, she assisted in planning Kappa Delta’s annual “Shamrock the Rope” philanthropy event hosted on campus, where 80% of the funds raised directly supported their local affiliate CCOH and 20% went toward the group’s national philanthropy, Prevent Child Abuse of America. In other community service endeavors, Kappa Delta donates its time to the Girl Scouts of America. Biasotti expressed her admiration for developing confidence-building workshops for the young girls and surrounding them with fellow sisters who consistently show up as role models.

“Having such a hands-on position in the community has been more fulfilling than any other collegiate experience,” Biasotti said. “I always knew I wanted to connect my altruistic efforts with my passion for dental care and I was able to get creative within my position at Kappa Delta."

CCOH hosts residential students and plays a major role in shaping children into functioning members of society, she described. Biasotti donated dental hygiene products to the center to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits into the children's lives. By providing both physical and mental tools, she felt she made a significant and sustainable impact.

Biasotti’s time on campus and contribution to the lives of members of the local community has had a lasting impact on her life. She said she intends to support Quinnipiac for decades to come, just as her father did once graduating.

Her bond with the Children's Center of Hamden has only just begun and Biasotti hopes to provide full dental service for the children there. She aspires to become a cosmetic dentist or orthodontist in her professional career one day.

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