New associate dean to bring greater awareness to law faculty work

July 18, 2017

Photo of Associate Dean Jeff Cooper.

Jeff Cooper sees his new role as associate dean of research and faculty development as an “agent” for Quinnipiac University’s School of Law faculty. He was appointed to his new role on July 1.

“I support them to make sure faculty scholarship gets all the attention it deserves,” said Cooper, who has taught at the School of Law since 2003. “I also make sure they have all of the resources they need to continue doing the work they do.”

Cooper doesn’t have to look far for examples of work that’s influencing academic, policy, judicial and community deliberations. For the last several years, faculty scholarship covering a range of hard-hitting topics has found its way into a number of prestigious law journals. Examples include Professor John Thomas’s work on immigration law; Professor Sarah Russell’s ideas on sentencing reform; Professor Kevin Barry’s thought leadership on the death penalty; and Professor Jennifer Herbst’s research on health law, drugs and government programs.

For Cooper, it’s all about “publishing with a purpose,” and an eye toward relevance and making a positive difference in academic, policy, judicial and community deliberations.

“Our faculty don’t just let what they do float out there,” Cooper said. “They take a multi-tiered approach, recasting their articles into op-eds and amicus briefs. Their work is cited in courtroom cases and used as teaching tools in our law school classrooms and clinics.”

Cooper is no stranger to scholarly work.

His examinations of estate taxation and wealth transfer – often highly politicized topics – have been published in such law journals as the Boston University Law Review and Florida Tax Review. For his insights, he is regularly quoted in Forbes Magazine, as well as by several other media outlets. In recognition for his continued work, Cooper received the Quinnipiac University Faculty Scholar Award in 2015, and he continues to serve as a faculty advisor to the Quinnipiac Probate Law Journal.

School of Law

“I am very grateful to Jeff for his energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to assume these responsibilities on top of many other duties he already fulfills here,” said School of Law Dean Jennifer Brown. “I firmly believe that Jeff’s work will help us to exceed our research goals and make a positive difference influencing opinion on important national issues.”

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