New Play Lab coming to Quinnipiac

October 19, 2021

The cast performing the theater production of "Little Shop of Horrors."

The Quinnipiac theater program is getting a new addition on set.

“This is going to be the crown jewel of what we are going to do in the theater program,” said Kevin Daly, director of the theater program and an associate professor of theater. “I imagine it will be about 50 students participating when everything is up and running.”

Previously, the playwriting process occurred in a variety of ways, but with the creation of this new play lab, the objective is to get students to write their own 10-minute plays. These plays can be about any genre or topic and any student can participate, regardless of major. The goal is to get students to write creatively about topics that they are passionate about.

Joining the new play lab, Daly describes, are four professional playwrights and directors who will read over the play that the student creates, give feedback and then choose six to eight participants for the play.

“Once students get in, they will be assigned a professional mentor who will develop the script even further to make it a high-quality performance,” said Daly. “We will then assign student directors to the play who will also have professional mentors assigned to them to help with the process.”

This play lab is an evolution of the New Play Festival, an event the theater department has participated in for the past eight years.

“We’re looking to focus on experimental and developmental work rather than trying to put the emphasis on production itself,” said Daly. “We want to give students the experience of working in a professional playwriting environment.”

After the roles are set, the students will audition the plays and host rehearsals on campus. The final plays will be produced at the theater in front of a live audience in April.

“You don’t have to be a theater major or minor to give this a try. It can be your first time. I’m encouraging everyone to come and try it out,” said Daly.

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