New Public Safety building opens on Bobcat Way to serve Quinnipiac community

The Department of Public Safety is now operating from its new facility on Bobcat Way, in a building which proudly stands as an around-the-clock resource for the Quinnipiac community.

As soon as the new dispatch center went live on January 8, the transition was complete, said Chief of Public Safety Tony Reyes. Public Safety moved into the new facility from its former offices across the road in Irmagarde Tator Residence Hall.

“The university has always been incredibly dedicated to public safety and has invested in resources and strategic initiatives that make sure that we have physical safety,” said Reyes. “Now, we have a space where we can better showcase those services and is representative of that dedication we have to public safety on campus.”

As Quinnipiac’s hub for Public Safety, the new facility is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in a centrally located site that’s easy for students to locate.

“With Public Safety being the preeminent resource for our community, I think it’s very important for us to be accessible to our community and, in particular, our students,” said Reyes. “We’re the 24-hour resource on campus that’s always open, where students know they can come for public safety services.”

The new reception area welcomes guests with bench seating, phone-charging stations, posted Public Safety information and other information and resources they can take away.

“People are going to be able to use this space and enjoy this space, as part of their relationship to Public Safety and the services we provide,” said Reyes. “It’s a place where the light’s always on and you know we’re here as a resource and partner to all our other partners.”

From the reception area, Quinnipiac community members have tap-in access to the waiting area, where the new dispatch center is visible through a large window. A community media screen shares information overhead in the waiting area.

Dedicated workspaces for student providers who help to support the work of Public Safety complete the space.

Other areas in the new facility support Public Safety’s complement of officers, investigators, supervisors, ranking leadership, and administrative staff. There are spaces for training, meetings, a kitchen/breakroom, lockers and administrative offices.

Public Safety provides the university’s patrol services, public safety communications and information services, crime prevention programs, emergency and disaster preparedness, gatekeepers, facilities security, residential security and investigative services.

“Many of our officers are former law enforcement officers with extensive training experience in law enforcement,” said Reyes, who has 22 years of law enforcement experience. He joined Quinnipiac in 2021 after retiring as New Haven’s Chief of Police.

In addition to its central hub on the Mount Carmel Campus, Public Safety has satellite offices on the York Hill Campus and North Haven Campus. Additionally, Public Safety has built strong relationships with the Towns of Hamden and North Haven police, fire and emergency services, said Reyes.

“Our connection, partnership and collaboration with our communities is incredibly important,” said Reyes.

With its newly opened facility, Public Safety has elevated its visibility as an accessible service that’s centrally located in the Quinnipiac community, said Reyes.

“Our building is completely accessible to anyone in the community, 24/7. We also started a confidential Tip Line last semester for reporting anything on campus, if you want to remain confidential,” said Reyes. “The message I send to every student and every new employee is that we’re all members of Public Safety. We’re all partners in advancing public safety on campus. It’s our job to be that visible presence but it’s also our job to empower our community, to educate our community and to mobilize our community so we can keep our community safe. We’re stronger together.”

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