North Haven High School student earns Quinnipiac book award and scholarship

May 04, 2023

Sonia Temfack

Sonia Temfack earned the Quinnipiac Book Award and Scholarship at North Haven High School’s Class of 2024 Awards Ceremony on Wednesday.

The award, given to a junior with outstanding leadership qualities and academics, includes a minimum scholarship of $15,000 per year to the university and an application fee waiver.

“I was fairly shocked,” Temfack said. “I was not expecting it. I am honored to receive this award.”

Temfack also will receive a copy of the book, “You Got This Kid! Words of Advice for Young Leaders,” which was written by Quinnipiac alumni and Board of Trustees member Chuck Saia, as well as a VIP tour and lunch with Saia and Tom Ellett, the university’s chief experience officer.

“We give our most heartfelt congratulations to Sonia as the 2023 recipient of the ‘You’ve Got this Kid!’ book award,” said Bethany Zemba, vice president of strategy and community relations and chief of staff at QU. “We hope she will visit campus and ultimately decide to become a future Bobcat.”

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