Quinnipiac eSports team levels up with a new lab

November 17, 2021

Students compete in the eSports lab.

The Quinnipiac eSports team now has its own place on campus to call home with a state-of-the-art eSports lab recently constructed in the Rocky Top Student Center on the York Hill Campus.

With access to the new lab, club members shared their excitement for the future and discussed the potential impact it will have on their college experiences.

The ability to practice and compete in the same room will be a huge step for the program, explained the team members, all of whom have already proved to be dominant. The team earned the regular-season title for the MAAC, placing second in the tournament championship this past March.

“Before the eSports room came to be, most of our players were only able to participate from their homes or dorms, which proved to be rather difficult,” said Theodore Offerman, the club president. “We have truly been given so many new tools to optimize our eSports experience.”

eSports started at Quinnipiac in 2015 but was called the Gaming Club before gaining its club sport status in 2020. Not only is eSports establishing a name for itself at Quinnipiac, but also globally.

“eSports has grown rapidly over the last decade, with many different leagues being formed for collegiate and professional competition,” said Mike Medina, director of campus life for recreation.

Offerman explained that the future of eSports could make or break a college decision for some.

“eSports rooms have become a growing trend for colleges across the country. I wouldn't be surprised if there are incoming students who select their colleges solely on this factor alone,” said Offerman.

The Bobcats, who have been competing in "Overwatch," "Rocket League" and "Smash Ultimate" tournaments this fall, have a lot of potential to be a perennial powerhouse in the MAAC, predicted Offerman. This spring, the team will begin competing in "League of Legends."

In addition to being the home of the club eSports team, the lab will have dedicated open recreation time and intramural tournaments, and host several academic classes.

The university will host an open house of the new facility at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, December 7. All students, faculty and staff are invited.

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