Goat yoga presents unique opportunity to relieve stress

September 21, 2021

Sisters of Gamma Phi Beta do goat yoga.

Baby goats join the growing list of stress-relief techniques for college students.

The Gamma Phi Beta chapter at Quinnipiac can attest to the benefits of goats after they spent two afternoons participating in goat yoga at a Hamden farm.

“We chose goat yoga because it allowed everyone to be in a comfortable and relaxed environment,” said Juliana Greco, JD ’24, and president of the chapter. “Everyone had a blast and I am grateful that we were able to work with our sisterhood chair and Nadaeu Farm to make this possible.”

Nadeau Farm was established in 1939 when Ray and Marie Nadeau purchased it.

“It has been in the family ever since with three generations born here,” said Leah Hilton, co-owner of the farm. “We became a non-profit livestock rescue farm by accident. A friend of a friend was moving out of state and needed to rehome several of his goats and sheep. We said ‘yes’ and the rest is history.”

The farm also didn’t always host goat yoga classes, it started as selling farm-fresh eggs about nine years ago, but recently had to shift financial strategy as COVID-19 hit as well as the recent storms.

“I believe that we are the first ones who began doing goat yoga in CT,” said Hilton. “It's been an amazing journey for us and we are hoping to be able to continue.”

The farm is located just 15 minutes from the Mount Carmel and York Hill campuses.

“I truly loved this experience,” said Madison Morris ’23, MS ‘24, a new member of the sorority. “Sundays are usually homework days, but it was such a nice change to spend such a beautiful day getting to know my sisters and letting my college stress just melt away under the adorable weight of baby goats.”

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