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Students dance way their stress – in the safety of their COVID bubbles

April 05, 2021

Students participate in ballroom dancing

Quinnipiac students have found a creative way to reduce some of the stress caused during these difficult times — a 1-credit salsa class.

Adjunct Professor Karen Pfrommer created a space where students can take a few steps toward stress-relief.

Pfrommer teaches her students the basics of salsa, cha-cha, bachata and other light-hearted styles of ballroom dancing on Quinnipiac’s Mount Carmel Campus every Wednesday night.

“I have found the class to be a relaxing point in my long, busy Wednesdays and a form of laid-back movement that I look forward to,” said Marissa Holloran ’23, an occupational therapy major. “It has been a great bonding opportunity for my friends and I.”

Although students in the class maintain socially distancing practices and always wear their masks, roommates in the same “family unit” have the opportunity to touch and participate in partner dances.

“I would have never thought of my college experience as something that allowed for fun experiences like this that I could actually get credit for,” said Madison Morris ’21, a public relations major. “I can’t wait to look at the list of courses offered and choose another to try next semester.”

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