Students develop series designed to empower underrepresented women

June 10, 2021

Ambar Pagan

Earlier this year, “Curl Talk” began as an authentic video series at Quinnipiac.

The new program empowers underrepresented women and creates a safe space where their voices can be heard and valued.

The idea for the project was developed by Ambar Pagan ’22, photographed above, and Olivia Barrios-Johnson ’23, MS ’24, with help from students, faculty and staff.

The video series is similar to “The Cut,” which began taping in January 2020 and features unfiltered conversations with men of color at QU.

“Through storytelling, ‘Curl Talk’ will foster leadership in others and serve as a symbol of strong womanhood,” said Pagan, a political science major with a law in society minor.

“Curl Talk” is also a platform to build community.

“I don’t want women of color or underrepresented students to feel like they are alone in their struggles or life experiences,” Pagan said.

For Barrios-Johnson, a journalism major in the accelerated dual-degree (3+1) program, “Curl Talk” is a visible way to promote awareness and understanding.

“I hope that not only a community of sisterhood grows, but that others at Quinnipiac will see the value of listening in on these discussions.”

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