Students enjoy a sweet treat before finals week

December 07, 2021

Students playing with therapy dogs

Students had the opportunity to pet their stress away with four tail-wagging, finger-licking, furry dogs — all while enjoying donuts with friends on Monday.

The QU Golden Paws event was hosted by the Student Government Association, and the idea of Stavros Hatzikostas ’23, MBA ’24, Student Government Association veteran senator.

Colleen Finn ’23 attended the event as a way of de-stressing before finals week begins.

“When I saw the dogs, I completely forgot about all of my stress,” said Finn. “The week before finals is always a hard one to get through, so being able to forget about work and play with the therapy dogs was such a boost of serotonin."

The therapy dogs were provided by Heart of Gold Canine, a non-profit located in Torrington, Connecticut.

“I think there is an understanding that students often feel disconnected and out of touch with their hometowns, especially toward the end of the semester,” said Hatzikostas. “My goal was to bring students back to their happy places so they could be their best selves as finals approach. I wanted to give them a sense of comfort.”


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