University has unique tradition of welcoming our newest Bobcats

August 22, 2021

Students help their first-year peers move in.

The university community is coming together this week to celebrate and welcome our newest Bobcats.

In what has become one of the university’s most beloved traditions, more than 730 students across Bobcat Way will personally greet each student as they arrive — and then carry all of their belongings to their room.

The move-in crew defines what it means to be a member of the Quinnipiac family personifying our close-knit community from day one. Students are greeted with cheers of joy, songs and words of encouragement.

“A move-in day in your dorm should be filled with excitement as you meet new people and get comfortable on campus,” said Priscilla Esteves ’25, a member of the move-in crew. “During this uncertain time, having move-in crew be there to welcome new students with open arms will probably be the best thing in the world for them right now.”

Members of the move-in crew represent virtually every aspect of the university — including the Student Government Association, Student Programming Board, fraternities and sororities, the university's EMS program and athletic teams.  

The university will formally welcome the first-year students on Friday as part of the Class of 2025 Welcome on the Quad, along with a community BBQ. The fun will then continue with programming throughout the weekend that will include late-night activities, games, activities and a hypnotist.

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