Will my college credits transfer into a bachelor's degree?

September 18, 2019

Will my college credits transfer

If you have college credits from prior coursework, you may be wondering if your credits will transfer into a bachelor’s degree completion program.

Each university has its own requirements for admission and for accepting transfer credits. Once the university completes a transcript evaluation, you will have a personalized pathway to complete your bachelor’s degree.

So, where do you start?

Begin with a call to the admissions office at your target university. They know the requirements for admission and will guide you through the entire process, including your transcript evaluation.

Factors that determine credit transfer between colleges

Degree and non-degree credits

To determine which courses are eligible for transfer, a course-by-course evaluation should be completed by the school you are applying to in order to ensure the transfer credits align with the intended program.

Universities may also place a threshold on the amount of college credits transferred into the program in order to meet the university’s academic requirements. A transcript evaluation will determine how your college credits are applied to a bachelor's degree.


Typically, a minimum grade requirement of a ‘C’ is required in order to be eligible to receive transfer credit. In most cases, your GPA will not transfer into your new university.


Regional Accreditation: Colleges and universities with this accreditation have been through a rigorous evaluation process and adhere to high academic quality standards. Generally, regionally-accredited institutions will only accept credits from other institutions with the same accreditation status.

Regional accrediting organizations included: New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and North West Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). To find a complete list of regional accrediting bodies, visit Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

National Accreditation: Generally, for-profit institutions like technical and career schools have this accreditation status. Credits from a nationally accredited school will not transfer into a regionally accredited institution. Many schools that fall under this accreditation are focused on career skills through hands-on programs or career college ready programs.

Learn more about national versus regional accreditation

Transferring college credits from other institutions

If you are looking to go back to school and complete your undergraduate degree after being away from school for a while, you might wonder if your college credits will transfer into a bachelor’s degree.

Whether they are from a regionally accredited, two-year or four-year institution, military joint service training or earned internationally, credits do not expire. However, certain majors may require course completion within a five-year period. All credits and courses will be evaluated.

Community college

Community colleges are often the beginning of a student’s educational journey. Many community colleges have articulation agreements with local universities creating a pathway to transfer college credits into a four-year school.

An articulation agreement is a formal agreement between two institutions outlining a transfer policy for a specific academic program. This agreement states the terms regarding the transfer, including number of credits accepted, minimum GPA and any additional admission requirements.

Quinnipiac works closely with local community colleges planning for a smooth transition into our undergraduate programs. An admissions representative from the university will be assigned to guide all interested candidates throughout the process.

Work with your community college academic advisor throughout your studies to plan for your coursework to transfer into a bachelor’s degree program. Agreements and degree program requirements may change from year to year. Ask and your advisor will revise your pathway to maximize the number of courses transferred.

International universities

International universities credit their degrees differently than higher educational institutions in the United States. An international transcript evaluation will translate your degree into a US equivalency.

International degrees must have a transcript evaluation completed by a reputable, credentialed evaluation service. You can find a list of those companies here: NACES.

If you are considering Quinnipiac, we strongly recommend having your transcripts evaluated by World education Services (WES).

Speak with an admissions representative to find out all the requirements before requesting an international transcript evaluation as each university has different requirements.

Military service

Joint Service Military Training can transfer into a bachelor’s degree program. After contacting a QU online admissions representative, request your JST transcript along with all college transcripts for a complete transcript evaluation.

Quinnipiac is proud to be a Yellow Ribbon Participant, the 2019-2020 #1 Military Friendly© School, recognized by the Military Times Best Colleges and earned 2019 US News and World Report Best Online Programs for Veterans.

We have support for veterans and service members who study on-campus or online and are honored to assist you throughout your journey at QU.

Next steps

Order college transcripts

Visit your college website to order your official transcripts. Either you can order e-transcripts, an entirely online process, or you may be able to send your request by regular mail.

Typically, e-transcripts are delivered within 24 hours to the email address specified. Regular mail may take weeks to process and deliver, resulting in a longer transfer admission process. If you have a choice, e-transcripts are preferred.

It is a good idea to order an additional copy of each college transcript for your records.

Request a transcript evaluation

A transcript evaluation is an assessment of college credits earned at other institutions of higher learning and details how credits will transfer into a bachelor’s degree program at your target university.

A copy of each transcript is required to complete an evaluation. If you attended more than one college, each college transcript must be sent to the college performing the evaluation.

QU provides you with a detailed evaluation that serves as your customized pathway to earn your bachelor’s degree. Connect with an admissions counselor for more information.

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